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POWER UP - Pennies for Stronger Communities

The POWER UP Community Fund is a GVEC charitable program funded through the generosity of members who are literally turning their small change into big change for their communities. Participating members have come together to round up their electric bills to the nearest dollar each month, donating the extra pennies to the fund. (For example, an electric bill of $114.76 is rounded up to $115.00, providing a .24 cent donation.) Penny by penny, the POWER UP Community Fund is adding up to a powerful, yet simple way for members to make a significant impact on their communities.

Approximately 20% of the funds are used for community assistance, distributed monthly through three area Community Action Agency offices to help low-income and elderly members pay their electricity bills. To receive funds, members must qualify for bill-pay assistance through guidelines set by GVEC and the CAA offices.

Approximately 80% of POWER UP funds are distributed through community grants to nonprofit groups and civic organizations involved in community development and improvement projects in the GVEC service area with a focus on education, youth programs, health care, community development, civic and community outreach, and public safety/service organizations.

For more information, including how to contact a CAA office for bill-pay assistance, apply for a community grant, or opt-out of POWER UP, click below.


Thank you participating members! See how your small change is adding up to big change for members and organizations in the GVEC service area. Take a look at our scrapbook and come back often. We’re continually adding new pages.





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