You may have noticed an increase in marketing for GVEC Home these past few months. It supports the new direction the Co-op is taking to grow our subsidiaries. From a financial perspective, we see GVEC Home and as important growth elements whose profits could help the Co-op for years to come, including keeping electricity more affordable for members.

This new direction is beneficial for members, too. While the subsidiaries were originally put into place to serve members’ unmet needs, today they allow us to expand available options and the services we offer. As a cooperative, we are dedicated to providing dependable information, especially when it comes to home investments that use electricity. We also believe the unbiased, cooperative way of doing business creates greater overall value. Instead of being concerned with the interests of investors, we have the opportunity to respond to the needs of our membership—whether it’s for electric reliability, community support or value-added products and services.

With this in mind, we spent considerable time this past year on enhancing and developing services that members not only told us they were interested in, but that also would result in saving time, energy and money. Just as importantly, we know GVEC members appreciate the genuinely good service we provide along with knowing we will be there for them after the sale to support our products. Another aspect that differentiates us is the quality of our employees. Over the years, our Member Services Advisors have been there to provide advice through in-home energy audits and recommendations ranging from solar options as an investment to using electricity in the most efficient way. They’re now combining that expertise with offering the services of GVEC Home for solid solutions.

For example, after consulting with members, they can design a rooftop or ground-mount solar system in-house that ensures optimal placement and energy production. Additionally, they can help you choose the best AC/Heating system if you’re in the market for one, and then we can service it 24/7.

In an effort to make our products and services more affordable, we’ve put new financing programs in place with a variety of options. You’ll notice we’ve lowered many of our prices on appliances. Although we may not have the lowest price on every single item, we’re competitive with the larger companies in our area. This is in addition to the overall value you receive when a company stands behind its products and services as we do.

I encourage you to step into one of our GVEC Home stores and give us a chance to prove why you should shop with us. As always, I am interested in your questions and feedback. Contact me by phone at 830.857.1152, email at or by mail at P.O. Box 118, Gonzales, TX, 78629.


Darren Schauer

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