New homes, no matter how well designed or beautiful, may still have a few minor issues to resolve once you move in. That’s what happened to GVEC member, Kay Lynn Hawkins. She was thrilled with her home, and was especially pleased to discover her builder had used GVEC Home to supply her appliances because she prefers to shop local as a way to support her community.

However, she noticed the dishwasher seemed a little bit loose when she opened the door. Hawkins called her builder and he suggested she call GVEC Home, and she did. Turns out, it wasn’t an installation problem, but GVEC came to the rescue anyway.

“It turned out the cabinet was just a tiny bit crooked. But, GVEC told me not to worry about it because they would fix it,” Hawkins remembers. “They made adjustments and now it’s perfect. Even though it wasn’t GVEC’s issue, they took care of it for me.”

More importantly for Hawkins, however, was knowing
who GVEC Home was.

“I like that when you call GVEC you get a person and not an automated service. You also don’t get thrown around to contracted service people who are working with a ton of different companies, so you don’t know who’s going to show up at your house,” Hawkins says. “GVEC, on the other hand, are wonderful, local people that you probably already
know or have seen somewhere in your community.”

GVEC Home appreciates Kay Lynn Hawkins’ candor in telling us about her experience. As a cooperative, GVEC is locally owned and operated by the members it serves. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to GVEC Home, we have new lower prices. Visit one of our stores in Gonzales, Cuero, La Vernia, and Seguin or go to

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