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Conservation Plan 7

Do you need to insulate your home? How about storm windows? Would they help your home stay warm during winter? Do you need to replace your central heating and cooling unit?

The GVEC Conservation Plan 7 program is available to help members with the financing of energy efficiency improvements to their existing home or business (not new buildings). To qualify, the home, public building, or business must be served by GVEC.

The Conservation Plan 7 program provides funds up to $7,000 for GVEC members to make energy-saving improvements at a low 7% interest rate. Energy-efficient items that may be financed include:

  • Insulating windows and doors
  • Attic and wall insulation
  • Central electric heat pump units and central ductwork
  • Electric water heaters, heat exchangers, and hot water banks
  • Load shedding equipment, energy-saving lighting fixtures, and commercial building energy-management systems
  • Other low-cost energy conservation improvements may qualify and be included in the financing package

Convenient monthly payments will be added to GVEC electric bills. There will be no penalty for prepayment or payment in full.

Loans do require a 10% down payment plus sales tax, and certain qualifications must be met.

GVEC Conservation Plan 7 is certainly a program worth looking into. It offers up to $7,000 financing, with 7 years to pay it back at a 7% interest rate. The added bonus is that through the energy-conserving modifications, the end result will be lower electric bills for you!

Stop by any GVEC office and visit with a GVEC Member Services Advisor today, or call 1-800-223-4832 and get all the details about the GVEC Conservation Plan 7 program.