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Renewable Energy

You hear a lot these days about renewable energy.  Things like wind and solar are clean energy sources and can provide the energy we need today and tomorrow.  There are many ways to utilize renewable technologies in and around your home and in many cases, you can get help with the upfront costs of installing these features at your home through our energy efficiency rebate program as well as government tax credits.

Wind Power:
Installing a residential wind turbine at your home is one option for you.  Wind power brings with it both benefits and disadvantages, as with most products.  A typical residential turbine will come with a retail price tag of approximately $15,000.00.  However, that cost can be offset significantly by incentives currently in place by GVEC and the federal government.

It is difficult to estimate how much power a residential turbine will produce in our volatile South Texas climate with constantly changing weather patterns.  GVEC has a test pilot project in progress with turbines placed at our Seguin office as well the Agricultural Heritage Center (Big Red Barn) in Seguin, and at our Gonzales office as well.  Our mission is to gather data to give our members a realistic payback scenario for the investment in a turbine.

We support the use of production of wind power for those GVEC members who choose to invest in this technology knowing the existing uncertainties in production at this point. 

For more information on residential wind turbines through GVEC Home, call 1-800-223-4832.

Solar Power:
The sun’s heat can be a valuable resource in and around your home.  Consider doing some research on the following products for your home or business:

For more information, download GVEC's Solar Power brochure.