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For most people, going to the pool means having fun with friends or tanning outside, but patients at Yoakum Community Hospital love their new pool for different reasons. Going to the pool for them means getting advanced therapy treatment in hopes of recovering from an injury or finding a way to deal with a chronic condition.

A special heated indoor aquatic therapy pool was added as a resource to the hospital’s Physical Therapy Department with help from a POWER UP grant. Here, patients can receive one-on-one therapy treatment with either a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant.

There are many benefits to aquatic therapy. Decreased swelling and stiffness, improved circulation and increased resistance for muscle building are just some of the things patients can expect to notice.

“We have patients with chronic illnesses and pain, as well as acute injuries, that experience decreased pain, an increase in their ability to function, and just feel better about themselves after receiving our aquatic therapy,” says Linda Gomez, director of physical therapy.

With this type of therapy, rehabilitation is supposed to be easier and less painful. It is especially beneficial to stroke patients and people with muscle or bone injury.

Before this pool was built, many residents had to travel out of the area to receive the therapy they needed. For people needing therapy due to an injury or chronic condition, this could be quite difficult.

“We have a lot of elderly folks and traveling that distance really isn’t an option for them. The pool has been really beneficial and has really improved the lives our patients,” says Gomez.

But therapy isn’t all this pool has to offer to local residents. Low impact work outs designed to improve cardiovascular health are also available in the form of water aerobics classes—making this a pool for all reasons and seasons.

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