GVEC has temporarily closed all customer service lobbies. Drive thru lanes will remain open for our customers’ convenience at this time. You may also continue to call us for assistance or visit our websites and self-service portals to conduct business with us.

In This Time of Advancing Technology, History Repeats Itself

Most of us don’t remember a time when there was no electricity available to our homes, businesses and farms. But, prior to the 1940s, throughout the rural areas of the Guadalupe Valley, that was the reality. It was only because of the enterprising efforts of a group of area farmers along with a combined sense of community spirit, that the Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative was born and electricity became a reality in this region of Texas. This revolutionized the way people live their lives to this day. Rural internet access is now at that same pivotal point in its history.

Slow and Non-Existent Rural Internet Service Creates a New Era of Unmet Need

With that same sense of community and a mission to fulfill the needs of those we serve, GVEC is also striving to deliver rural internet service equivalent to that available in larger cities. The current reality is that most rural internet service does not provide access to the same high-speed internet network available to those who live in the city. While you may be getting by with the type of connection you have today, I can tell you that over time it will just simply not be sufficient to meet the growing demands of bandwidth not only for entertainment, but more and more for the essential functions of your home or business. Fast internet has quickly become a necessity. Its importance in our daily lives will only continue to grow as connected technology grows. While fiber is powering the world’s fastest internet speeds now, it is also the groundwork to support an array of additional services to the home as technology evolves—services you will eventually need and want.

Hand in Hand: A Stronger Electric Grid and High-Speed Rural Internet Service

As a not-for-profit cooperative working on behalf of our member-owners, I truly believe GVEC is the right entity, and perhaps the only entity, positioned and willing to deliver fiber service to the rural areas of the Guadalupe Valley. Not only will this infrastructure allow us to deliver the highest quality rural internet service possible, it will also serve as a state-of-the-art communications backbone for GVEC’s electric infrastructure, leading to a smarter electric system that will improve reliability and efficiency for all members.

We Value Your Support in Building High Speed Rural Internet Service for All

The ability for GVEC to offer you the benefits high-speed, pure-fiber rural internet service calls for the cooperation and support of area landowners and members. We will be asking residents in communities we expand into to grant updated communications easements. An easement grants permission to GVEC to construct, upgrade, repair and maintain electrical or communications lines and equipment on an owner’s property. Thousands of GVEC members have taken this same step and are now enjoying a better quality of life for it.

As you consider any easement request, I ask that you also consider where we’ve been as a community and what life was like here before electricity. In the long term, fiber internet has the potential to reshape our future in much the same way electricity did all those decades ago. By granting an easement, you will be taking an active role in connecting us all to that future of high-speed rural internet access for all. We thank you for your partnership and for the opportunity to serve.

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