As a GVEC Member-Owner, Your Vote Counts

If you get electric service through GVEC, you’re not just a customer; you’re also a valued member-owner. You, along with GVEC’s thousands of other member-owners, hold an ownership stake in the Cooperative. This is why we distribute capital credits back to members at the discretion of the Board of Directors. But Cooperative membership presents other benefits as well. Because GVEC is structured and run as a democracy, one of those other benefits is a voice in how your Cooperative is governed. 

Make Your Voice Heard: Attend Your GVEC District Meeting

Having a voice in Cooperative business means having a vote. Your GVEC District Meeting is your opportunity to exercise that vote. At these meetings, members of the district discuss and conduct relevant business and nominate a Director-Candidate to be officially elected for a three-year term at our Annual Meeting. GVEC’s Board is made up of 11 directors and each plays an essential part in assuring the overall health and vitality of our Cooperative. They come from diverse backgrounds and a range of industries. They are deeply committed to their roles and invest considerable time in representing GVEC membership and in continually educating themselves to capably serve. They live and work in GVEC’s service territory, too, so they have a personal interest in ensuring the Cooperative runs efficiently and dependably.

2019 GVEC District Meeting Schedule

District Meetings are held every year on a rotating basis, allowing each district to meet every 3 years to elect their director for the next term. In 2019, Districts 1, 10, 4 and 7 will hold their meetings:

District 1 Meeting
Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019
First United Methodist Church of Shiner
102 W. Church St.Shiner, TX 77984


District 10 Meeting
Monday, March 4, 2019
Yoakum Community Center
105 Huck St.
Yoakum, TX 77995


District 4 Meeting
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Texas Agricultural Center
390 Cordova Rd.
Seguin, TX 78155


District 7 Meeting
Thursday, March 7, 2019
New Berlin Community Center
8815 FM 775
New Berlin, TX 78155


Determine Your GVEC District MeetingA Map Graphic of GVEC's Service Territory, GVEC District Meeting Map

If you are not sure which district you live in, we have included a district map to illustrate how GVEC’s service territory is divided up, below. If your District Meeting will be held this year, look for a postcard notice in the mail and your local newspaper. Or you can call to confirm which GVEC District Meeting you should attend. These meetings are extremely important to the Cooperative’s day-to-day running and overall health—that’s why your vote matters and why I strongly encourage members in the above districts to attend. I hope to see you at your District Meeting.

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