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One of the first steps to your online security is to create strong passwords that are hard to guess. Believe it or not, despite all of the stories written about passwords, studies show that the most popular ones are still “12345678” and “password.” But, no matter how strong your passwords are, they need to be changed every few months. It’s also important to use a different password for each account so if one is guessed, the rest won’t be compromised.

The longer the password, the better—each additional character or symbol beyond the usual eight—lengthens the time it takes a cyber-thief to crack it.

  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers and symbols (such as @ and !).
  • Don’t use real words in any language, birthdates, social security numbers or names of pets or family members.

Here’s one way to create a password:

  1. Think of a random sentence like we like to drink hot chocolate by a fire.
  2. Use the first or last character of each word (we used the first) to create your password. (See #2.)
  3. Capitalize some of the characters and add numbers and symbols. You can also substitute symbols or numbers for letters like “@” for “a” and “1” for “L.” (See #3.)

Password creation graphic

Here’s one last suggestion: you don’t have to tell the truth when answering a security question. (The truth makes it easier for someone else to access your account if they know the answer or can Google it.)

For example, if asked the name of your favorite teacher, the answer could be “Star Spangled Banner.” Just make it memorable!

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