Test your online behavior with this quick True or False quiz!

True or False?

It’s okay to leave your phone's Bluetooth setting turned on 24/7.

False. Leaving your Bluetooth on when you’re not using a wireless accessory like earphones or a keyboard can be a gateway for cyber criminals. They can pair with a device’s open connection when it’s not being used.

Public Wi-Fi has been improved, so it’s safe to use at places like a library or coffeehouse.

False. You can use these open networks, but do so with caution because they are unsecured. If you’re doing something that involves personal or financial information like making an online purchase or checking a bank balance, don’t use it. Instead, connect to your mobile device’s cellular data Internet connection.

Privacy policies are all the same, so you don’t need to read them.

False. They may look the same, but they may have dierent standards regarding the ways they gather, store, share and use your information. Read carefully because some companies also give you the opportunity to opt out of some of these things, which can be critical if you’ll be providing personal or financial information.

Software and apps get updated continuously, so it’s okay if you miss one or two updates.

False. By maintaining the latest version of any software, including your browser, you’re limiting your exposure to cyber thieves and hacking.

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