What do yard sale signs, basketball hoops, deer stands, and birdhouses have in common? They are often found illegally attached to electric poles. While it may seem like a good use of real estate, attachments like this cause safety issues and place the lives of GVEC linemen and crew in peril.

Line crews climb electric poles at all hours of the day and night, and in the worst conditions. Anything attached to a pole can create a serious hazard for them while they’re on the job. Sharp objects like nails, tacks, staples or barbed wire can puncture rubber gloves and other safety equipment, stripping away critical protection from high-voltage electricity. Even a small nail partially driven into an electrical pole can leave a lineman vulnerable to electrocution. Plus, anyone placing these items on poles comes dangerously close to energized lines with thousands of volts of energy running overhead.

We appreciate your diligence to keeping electric poles free from unauthorized items. As an extra precaution, remember to stay at least 10 feet away from any utility pole for your own safety.

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