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It’s a fact: your AC/Heating system is the biggest electric consumer in your home, and one way to reduce usage is with a programmable thermostat. However, according to one study, 90 percent of people who have one don’t know how to properly operate it, which reduces effectiveness.

Problem solved. Now, there’s a new thermostat that’s even better: the Nest learning thermostat. It’s not only easier to use, but does a better job. Once installed, it learns your habits and preferences after a week and then programs itself to maximize your AC’s efficiency. Since there’s nothing more wasteful than cooling an empty home, it can also sense when you leave, so it can save even more energy by raising your home’s temperature setting immediately. You can also control this thermostat from anywhere using a computer or the free app you can download to your mobile device.

If you’d like to know more about this learning thermostat, we can help. GVEC Home is a Nest Pro dealer.


Members tell us they didn’t know we sell residential solar panel systems or provide second opinions even though solar options have been a part of GVEC’s Energy Efficiency Rebate Program since 2009. Even if you don’t buy a solar system from us, know that we’re here as your cooperative to give informed, dependable answers that are based on our experience about this area, the production of electricity, the appropriateness of this investment for your needs, and the importance of good design and installation practices. We simply want to ensure you receive reliable information and have access to a quality product.


Helping members live a more energy-efficient lifestyle isn’t new. GVEC saw the “light” as far back as the 1960s when we began offering a variety of conservation programs long before it was common. It’s no different today. Two of our most popular programs include our energy efficiency rebates and in-home energy audits.

Members can receive substantial rebate money as they build new homes or upgrade existing homes with heat pump systems, solar screens, new AC ductwork, attic insulation and more. Just remember to read rebate qualifications before you begin or call a Member Services Advisor if you have questions. It’s very important to meet all of the requirements to qualify. Member Services Advisors can also work with you in the planning stages of building a new home for ideas to make it even more energy efficient. Get more rebate information in our Rebate Center.

Energy audits can be very helpful, too, in determining a starting point for making home improvements or finding ways to reduce usage. Many companies charge quite a bit for this service, but we do it for free. We tailor the audit to each member’s individual concerns. Read our post, How Can You Know What You Don’t Know?, to learn more about what to expect from an energy audit.

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