End of Year 2018: A Time to Reflect

In this final month of 2018, as we gather with family and friends, our spirits are lifted in fellowship, gratitude and kindheartedness. We celebrate life’s many blessings as we reflect on the successes and challenges of the year-gone-by and on what lies ahead in 2019. end of year 2018

Thank You for Trust Beyond Electricity

I am immensely thankful to be part of the GVEC family and to play a role in an organization that values people and community over earnings and revenue. I am especially thankful for each of you, our members, who have made GVEC’s eight-decade mission of service possible. Thank you for trusting and supporting us not only as your electric cooperative, but for extending that relationship by turning to us for other products and services.

50 Years of GVEC AC/Heating

For example, 2018 marked the 50th year of the GVEC AC/Heating business. The fact that the communities of the Guadalupe Valley have trusted us for five decades for their AC and heating needs gives us a great sense of humility and accomplishment, along with a great excitement for what the years ahead hold in store.GVEC AC/heating

Five Years of GVEC Solar Sales and Services

2018 also marked our fifth year of providing Solar sales and services through GVEC Home® (which itself turned 20 this year). We offer GVEC Solar products and services today because of member inquiries over the years. I speak for the entire GVEC employee family when I tell you how fortunate we feel to have members who prompt and inspire us to constantly grow and evolve.GVEC Solar

Happy 1st Birthday to GVEC Electrician Services

In October, we reached the one-year anniversary of GVEC Electrician services. Electrician services came about, in part, as an extension of GVEC Solar, but also because our membership had long asked about the possibility of adding electrical work. The success of GVEC Electrician services over the last 14 months demonstrates not only our ongoing commitment to “identifying and investing in products and services that fulfill the needs of those we serve,” but also of the trust local communities place in GVEC to deliver quality, value and reliability with every product and service.

Seven Years of GVEC Fiber Internet

2018 marked our seventh year of GVEC Fiber Internet (GVEC.net itself also turned 20 this year). We are greatly excited about the future of GVEC Fiber Internet. Why? Because fiber technology represents a revolution in coming years in how the communities of the Guadalupe Valley communicate and use the internet.

Success Beyond End of Year 2018

None of GVEC’s success would be possible without the support and confidence of our loyal members. So we thank you for allowing us to meet your needs while, at the same time, enabling us to grow beyond our roots as an electricity provider. And on behalf of everyone at GVEC, we wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year.end of year 2018

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