Fall is an ideal time for installing a new AC/Heating system if that’s something you’ve been thinking about.

• AC companies are typically less busy this time of year as compared to winter months when they’re taking care of weather-related emergency repairs.

• There are often good deals this time of year.

• Typically, technicians are in and out of your home and attic when installing a new system. When the weather is temperate, your comfort won’t be compromised as it might be if it were extremely hot or cold outside.

• GVEC Home’s experts also suggest it’s a good time to do your research while your system is in working order. There’s nothing worse than buying a new system in an emergency and under duress.



When it comes to old-school fireplaces, there’s more than just smoke going up their chimneys. They can also pull the heat out of your home. This is the time to plug any gaps between your chimney and the wall, inside as well as outside your home. Replacing the seals around the flue damper can also help keep heat in. And remember, don’t leave the damper open year-round—close it when you’re done with your fire. For safety’s sake, call a chimney sweep for a proper inspection and cleaning each year.



Here’s a scary stat: if you add up the leaks, holes and gaps in the typical older home, it’s like keeping a window open every day of the year. But, no matter how new or old your home is, you can increase its energy efficiency by sealing and plugging those holes and gaps to reduce the amount of cold air sneaking in. All it takes is a small investment in caulk and weatherstripping, and a few hours of time. Common problem areas to inspect include:

• Cracks around windows and doors that don’t close tightly.

• Holes in walls where cable, telephone and electric lines enter the building.

• Gaps between baseboards, and around faucets, pipes and wiring.

• Gaps around interior attic hatches and in your home’s exterior siding.

Last but not least, consider adding inexpensive gaskets behind electrical outlets and switches if you feel air coming from them.



You and your AC will breathe easier if you change the filter on a regular basis—filters get dirtier quicker if there are pets or smokers in the house. Calling in an HVAC professional, like GVEC Home, for preventive maintenance is a good idea, too. Our Comfort Check plans can help get your system into shape for winter’s coming chill. According to the Department of Energy, following a regular maintenance schedule not only extends the life of AC/Heating equipment, but can also reduce heating and cooling costs by five to 10 percent. Save even more this winter by keeping your thermostat as close as possible to the recommended setting of 68 degrees.

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