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What is Bras For A Cause?

If you’ve never attended or heard of the Guadalupe County Bras For A Cause fundraiser, you’re missing out on quite an event! A couple weeks ago, on March 7, they held their 5th annual fundraiser at the Seguin Events Complex. What is “Bras For A Cause?” It’s a fun way to raise money to support local cancer patients in Seguin and the surrounding areas, where proceeds from the event go to the Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation (GRMF) Cancer Assistance Fund. The Guadalupe County Bras For A Cause, a non-profit organization, was created specifically to aid cancer patients who are uninsured or underinsured in having access to cancer treatments at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center.

Guadalupe County Bras For A Cause 2019: A Roaring Good Time for All

This year’s theme was “Roaring 20’s,” and from the sound of it, it was a roaring good time, raising money for the GRMF Cancer Assistance Fund! The charity performance showcased gentlemen dancing and modeling ornately decorated bras, adorned with rhinestones, sequins, flowers, ribbon, fringe, baubles and beads. These ornamental undergarments were designed, created and sponsored by local businesses and organizations, each themed around a primary color that represents a different type of cancer. There was also one bra designed to be representative of all cancers. The beautiful brassieres were auctioned off as they were being modeled. The show’s finale featured all the evening’s models, many of whom are local first responders, coming back out on stage together, runway show-style.

Bras For A Cause: Cancer on a Personal Level

Long-time GVEC employee Melvin Burns has taken part in the event for 4 years. The first year, he was a spotter for the auction, but for the last three years, he’s performed and modeled. When asked why he takes part in this benefit, Melvin says his wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 38. They were blessed to have caught it early, and thankfully, she did not have to endure chemo or radiation therapy. “If I raise a quarter to help fight this disease, it’s worth it,” he said. Melvin’s favorite part of participating in Bras For A Cause is performing. Although it’s not something he would normally do, he says when the music starts, and the announcer calls your name and the crowd gets going, it’s a lot of fun.

Bras Supporting the GRMF Cancer Assistance Fund

In the previous four years, Guadalupe County Bras For A Cause has donated $130,000 to the Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation Cancer Assistance Fund. Once the totals have been tallied, this year’s entertaining event is sure to prove just as gainful. In addition to the live performance and auction, the evening also included a raffle, dinner and drinks. The entire evening was full of light-hearted fun, raising awareness and raising money to help people in the local community fighting all forms of cancer. Like Melvin, many of us have been affected by some form of this disease, either personally or through friends and loved ones. This event is a way for us to support one another in the fight with a sense of humor—and a bit of pizzazz.

More Information on Bras For A Cause

For more information about Guadalupe County Bras For A Cause, or to find out how you can attend or participate when it rolls around next year, check out their Facebook page at

More Information on the Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation

For more information about the Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation, call 830.401.1385, email or visit

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