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Halloween is for children—including the inner child inside every adult. That’s why we’re blogging this month with some fun, easy ideas for homemade costumes parents can make with their kids. Dive into one or more of these homemade Halloween costume “recipes” and encourage your kids to assist. With any luck, you might just inspire your own inner child during this season of imagination, while fostering your child’s creativity and sense of self-accomplishment.

The Lego® Block in the Wall Homemade Halloween Costume

Do your kids enjoy playing with Lego building blocks? Watching Lego movies and TV shows? If so, this cute, simple costume will have them celebrating the season like a living brick in the wall of a Lego masterwork.

You’ll will need the following materials:

  • 1 rectangular cardboard box – The length of this box should reach to or slightly past or above your child’s beltline with one set of flaps removed.
  • Packing tape
  • 1 6-8 inch bowl
  • 1 permanent marker
  • X-acto knife®, box cutter or scissors
  • 1 8-12 inch bowl
  • 8 disposable cups (2-4 oz. clear salad dressing cups work best, but small Styrofoam cups will work, too)
  • 1 large cardboard box, flattened
  • Spray paint (any color your kid prefers)
  • Super Glue or other industrial-strength glue
Picture of a little girl dressed in a Lego Halloween Costume, Homemade Halloween Costume

Photo courtesy of

First, cut off one set of flaps from your cardboard box, creating the costume’s bottom. For the top part, close the upper flaps and tape them firmly closed. Next, lay the 6-8 inch bowl atop the closed flaps near the center. Use the permanent marker to trace an outline of the bowl on the cardboard. Use the X-acto knife or box cutter to cut this circle out. This will be the place for your child’s head.

Next, turn the box on its side, and place the 8-12-inch bowl atop, centering it and tracing its outline on the cardboard. Again, use your cutter to cut out this circle. Turn the box on its other side and repeat this process. These two places will be the costume’s side holes for your child’s arms.

Next, paste a layer of glue over the rim of each of the disposable cups, gluing each on the box roughly equidistant from the others. Next, take your costume somewhere with good ventilation (preferably outside), lay it on the flattened cardboard box. Cover in spray paint until no logos, emblems or lettering show through the box. Allow to dry overnight, and your costume is ready to wear.

The Table Grapes Homemade Halloween Costume

Whether your kids like grapes or not, they’ll look crazy cute in this easy-as-a-snap fruity getup. This one works for kids, teens or adults, but it’s especially cute on the little ones. You can do this outfit in any of the common grape varieties: purple, green, red or black.

You’ll need these materials:

  • 25-50 purple, green, red or black balloons
  • Optional balloon pump
  • 1 pack safety pins
  • 1 purple, green, red or black long-sleeve shirt (same color as the balloons)
  • 1 purple, green, red or black pair of pants that match the shirt
  • 5-10 black or brown pipe cleaners
  • 1 purple, green, red or black knit cap (a.k.a toboggan) that matches the other clothing items
  • 2-8 artificial leaves (You can buy these at any arts and crafts store, or maybe you have some laying around.)
Picture of a little girl dressed in a purple grapes homemade Halloween Costume

Photo courtesy of The Evette Rios YouTube Channel

First, blow up the balloons. You can literally save your breath by using the optional balloon pump instead of blowing. The number of balloons will depend on the child’s size. After filling the balloons, stick the pointy end of a safety pin through the knotted part of each balloon. Now, bring in your kid, already dressed in matching shirt and pants. Carefully pin each balloon to the child’s shirt, closing each pin.

Next, wrap a pipe cleaner around your finger and remove it, still coiled. Stretch it out a bit, and use a safety pin to clip it to the knit cap, creating an artificial grape stem. Repeat this process until you have a sufficient number of stems. Pin the artificial leaves to the cap alongside the stems with the safety pins. You’re costume is ready.

The Cats & Dogs Storm-brella Special Homemade Halloween Costume

You know the old saying “it’s raining cats and dogs?” This fun, wacky number takes inspiration from that old metaphor.

You’ll need the following materials:

  • Fishing twine
  • 1 package safety pins
  • Small cat and dog stuffed animals (really, any stuffed animal will suffice as long as it’s small)
  • 1 large, sturdy umbrella
  • Rain boots
  • Rain poncho or raincoat
Picture of a young boy dressed in a yellow rain slicker and a cats and dogs storm-brella special Homemade Halloween Costume

Photo courtesy of

First, attach a piece of twine to a safety pin. Stick the pin through the top of one of the stuffed animals, closing it so the twine and pin are firmly attached to the stuffed animal. Attach the other end of the twine to the tip of an umbrella rib. Repeat this process until you have an acceptable number of cats and dogs hanging from the umbrella runners. You can also pin stuffed animals to the outside of the umbrella panels for that extra “drenched” look. Hand the umbrella to your kid, who’s dressed in the rain boots and poncho.

The Baby-Cakes Lil-Cupcake Treat Homemade Halloween Costume

This one’s for the tots.

You’ll need the following materials:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Various colors of felt paper (choose colors that remind of cupcake sprinkles)
  • Fabric glue
  • A long-sleeved white or pink onesie
  • 1 safety pin
  • A red, baby-sized knit cap (a.k.a toboggan)
  • Brown baby pants
Picture of a baby dress in a baby-cakes lil-cupcake treat homemade Halloween costume

Photo courtesy of

Cut the felt paper into strips, then cut those strips into capsule-shaped wedges with rounded corners. Glue these “cupcake sprinkles” to the onesie, attaching them firmly enough so they’re not easily removed by little hands. Cut a strip from a piece of green felt paper to create a “stem” that can be pinned to the top of the knit cap, creating a pretend cherry for topping off your little cupcake. Add the brown baby pants for the cupcake liner, and you’ve got a cute little Halloween treat.

Cotton Candy Homemade Halloween Costume

For our last costume, we draw on that old sticky, syrupy sweet carnival mainstay, cotton candy. With this costume, your kid will look like they just took a twirl inside a cotton candy machine.

You will need the following materials:

  • Old newspaper
  • 1 20 oz. bag polyester fiberfill
  • Pink, blue, green or red spray paint
  • A disposable dress
  • Plain piece of cardboard
  • Glue gun
  • 1 piece cardstock Paper
  • Scissors
  • Plain headband, any color
  • Red tape (optional)
Picture of a young woman dressed in a pink cotton candy homemade Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of

First, spread out some newspaper in a well ventilated area. Remove a handful or two of fiberfill from its packaging, fluffing it out across the newspaper. Spray paint the fiberfill using a wavy motion; don’t saturate it, but try not to leave too many bare-white spots. Repeat this step until you’ve used at least half of the fiberfill bag, and allow the spray-painted sections to dry for between two and four hours.

After the fiberfill dries, spread the dress flat across some newspaper, placing a piece of cardboard inside, between the fabric. This will prevent glue from seeping through the material and causing the two sides to stick. Add lines of glue to the fabric in a zigzagging pattern and press pieces of fiberfill into the glue. Repeat this process until the clothing is covered in cotton candy. Make sure to check for places where the fiberfill may not be adequately attached, adding additional glue where necessary.

For the funnel-shaped head piece, roll the card stock into a cone shape, gluing it firmly together and evening out the top with scissors. Next, glue the cone onto the headband at an angle. Allow to dry. Glue pieces of painted fiberfill to the cone, starting at the top and stopping about halfway down. Use the same zigzagging motion for the glue. Allow to dry. When you put the headband on, it creates the illusion that cotton candy is stuck to your head. For an extra little touch, wrap red tape up around the cone, starting at the bottom.

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