GVEC's Board of Directors is proud to announce a distribution of $4.2M in patronage capital to members in July! The amount received is calculated by your individual purchase of electricity in 2017 and previous years. Amounts of $74.99 and under will be credited to your July bill. Amounts of $75 and over will be mailed by check.

Summer is on its way, which means higher bills are to be expected when temperatures start to soar. What if we told you that GVEC is now offering a program that gives you access to tools that can help save 15%-20% on your electric costs and helps GVEC keep rates down?

Introducing the Rush Hour Rewards program (RHR), a program that allows members to earn money for decreasing energy consumption during peak demand periods (or Rush Hours) between June–September annually.

What’s the Hype Around Nest Thermostats All About?

Nest’s learning thermostat is ENERGY STAR certified and is designed to learn what temperature you like based on your settings, and uses that data to build a schedule around your habits. That can lead to up to 15%-20% in energy savings on your electric bill, according to Nest.

It also gives you the power to adjust the temperature in your home from anywhere using your smartphone, set it to a cost-effective temperature when you aren’t home and view how often your AC system is running.

All Nest models will be able to participate in Rush Hour Rewards, but not all Nest models are compatible with every AC system.


To find out which Nest model is compatible with your AC system, use Nest’s Compatibility Checker.

How Often Do Rush Hours Happen?

Rush Hours typically happen on very hot summer days when everybody’s AC systems are trying to keep their houses cool. You can expect to see less than 25 events per season, but this number will depend on overall weather patterns for the season. You shouldn’t expect more than one Rush Hour event per day, or a frequency of more than three consecutive days in a row.

How Do Rush Hour Events Work?


  • GVEC will predict a large rise in demand for electricity caused by extreme weather, then schedule a Rush Hour event through Nest.


  • Enrolled members will receive a message on the thermostat and from the Nest App detailing what time the upcoming event will start and end.


  • Before the Rush Hour begins, a gold gear icon will appear on the participating thermostat notifying that the system is precooling or preheating, depending on the season.



  • The gold gear will remain present on the thermostat, but the words “Energy Rush Hour” will be displayed.


  • The thermostat will not be adjusted more than two degrees Fahrenheit.



  • When the Rush Hour is over or if Nest senses more than a two degree difference from the original setting, the thermostat will return to its regular schedule.



  • GVEC will give members a one-time $85 bill credit for signing up and another $30 for each year they’re enrolled through September 30.


  • Members can receive Rush Hour Rewards credits for all qualifying thermostats, including multiple enrolled thermostats at a single location.


  • Members can sign up and receive the $85 bill credit year round. However, to receive the $30 annual credit, members must be signed up by May 31 and participate in the program through September 30 of the current year.

Purchase your Nest from any GVEC office! Ask us about installation from GVEC Home, too!

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