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The Year’s Greenest Day

At GVEC, we always look forward to Earth Day (April 22). It’s a time when the concepts of conservation and efficiency take center stage all over the world. By some estimates, more than half a billion people worldwide observe Earth Day.

Taking Care of the Earth We Share

Of course, Earth Day is about more than conserving and using energy more efficiently. It’s also about generating less waste. And it’s about taking better care of and preserving the environment and the diverse plant and animal life that share our world. Conserving and using energy more efficiently provides a foundation for achieving all these goals, and at GVEC, we’re proud to stand alongside our members in doing our part to help care for the planet.

GVEC Membership Demands Renewable Options

The requests of our members for renewable energy options led us to begin offering our solar panel systems in 2012 through GVEC Home®. Some members weren’t interested in buying a roof-top solar panel system, but still wanted renewable options. Their inquiries led to us to develop GVEC’s SunHub Community Solar program, powered by our SunHub Generation Station, a 6,500-panel, two-megawatt generation facility that launched in late 2017.

Earth Day 2019 is a Great Time to Go Green

As we celebrate Earth Day 2019, we think it’s an important time to remind members they don’t have to invest in a home solar panel system to purchase electricity generated through 100 percent renewable Texas sunshine. SunHub is not only still accepting new participants, but we were recently able to lower its rate to match the rate of electricity generated through traditional methods. That means you’ve got nothing to lose by signing up for GVEC SunHub.

How Does SunHub Work?

GVEC’s SunHub Community Solar program works on a subscription-like model. Your SunHub Solar Generation and Transmission (G&T) rate is locked in for up to a year from the time you sign up. However, you’re never under any obligation, and there are no contracts. Members can cancel any time without penalty. We offer SunHub power in 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks. Members can purchase up to five blocks per month, but we don’t recommend subscribing to more than their lowest historical usage.

Celebrate Earth Day 2019 with GVEC’s SunHub Community Solar Program

SunHub provides GVEC members an opportunity to purchase locally generated, renewable power at rates identical to our regularly generated power supply. You don’t need to buy, lease or install any equipment, so that means renters can participate, too. There are no upfront investments or contracts required or penalties for leaving the program. If you’re thinking about taking meaningful action to reduce your carbon footprint in observance of Earth Day 2019, we suggest considering signing up for GVEC’s SunHub Community Solar program.

Ready to Learn More About GVEC SunHub? Contact Us!

If you’d like to learn more about GVEC’s SunHub Community Solar program, visit or call 800.223.4832.

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