A Higher Standard of Comfort


When air conditioning was first introduced in 1902, it was considered the greatest invention of the year. One hundred sixteen years later, it’s still one of the greatest inventions and has only gotten better due to technology. Nowadays, air conditioners don’t just blow out cool air, but have the “brains” to reduce your home’s humidity, run more efficiently to save money without giving up comfort, and even reduce allergens in the air.

It starts with variable speed, multi-stage technology.
The difference between this type of system and a standard system is that a variable speed, multi-stage system has the ability to sense indoor and outdoor conditions (temperature and humidity) and then automatically ramp its power up and down to match the actual cooling needs in your home. These systems save energy because they run at slower, energy saving speeds most of the time rather than at 100 percent capacity (full blast) all of the time, which is the only speed a standard system runs at. This technology not only results in quieter operation, but also in more consistent temperature and humidity control inside your home. Options include two-speed and five-speed systems.

Fewer achoos!
If you haven’t heard of the Reme Halo , it’s an accessory that can be added to some of GVEC Home’s
HVAC systems to improve air quality and help reduce allergens. It uses an ionization process to neutralize odors, particulates, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors) smoke, mold, bacteria and viruses, and requires very little maintenance.

Thermostats are smarter, too.
All but the most basic thermostats are programmable, which means you can program them to automatically raise or lower your home’s temperature based on a schedule you create. In the summer, save energy by setting it to raise the temperature once you leave for work. Then cool your home down based on when you’ll arrive back home. Wi-Fi is the next step up, meaning you can control your thermostat via an app on your phone or computer. Smart thermostats are even “smarter.” They are Wi-Fi enabled and can be used with home automation to control your home’s heating and cooling. Some, like the Nest, are so intuitive, they figure out your schedule and preferences, and then do the programming for you.

Save money, be more comfortable, support green initiatives and keep your family safe—GVEC Home makes it all possible. Just call us at 800.328.0630 or visit our website: gvecACservice.com.

Tame the Texas Sun


Whether you want to generate your own electricity or simply have the desire to support clean, local solar energy, GVEC offers both. At GVEC Home, you can purchase an individually owned solar panel system for your home or business. Or, as a GVEC member, you can participate in our SunHub Community Solar project by signing up to purchase up to five 100kWh blocks of solar energy each month.

Solar Panel Systems: When you purchase a system from GVEC Home, you have the comfort of knowing that our GVEC Home staff will take care of you from design through installation. Members can also get an instant rebate while they last. GVEC Home has been selling systems since 2012, and before that, our Member Services Advisors were there for members to answer their questions about solar energy. We’re still there for you with real production numbers and information you can count on.

Community Solar: If you prefer going green by supporting renewable energy, you can via our SunHub Generation Station. SunHub is GVEC’s two-megawatt community solar project that offers a no-worries, no-strings-attached solution for those who don’t want to install a solar panel system at their home. Find out more on our SunHub Community Solar page.

Electrical Safety Starts at Home


GVEC is a longtime expert when it comes to electricity, and so are our licensed electricians who offer a variety of services through GVEC Home. Since most people don’t have a lot of electrical knowledge, we know it’s important to have confidence that any service you need will be thoroughly done when hiring a company to work in your home or at your business.

There’s no longer any reason to put off having that important electrical work done just because you don’t know who to call. Services include troubleshooting, electrical repairs and upgrades, whole-home electrical inspections and even things like installing ceiling fans, new lighting, plugs and switches. Our electricians also install our GVEC Home solar panel systems. To find out more or to make an appointment, call GVEC Home to discuss your needs.

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