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Starting the Week with a Thermostat Mishap

It’s 10 a.m., Monday morning, and you’ve been at work two hours. Suddenly you remember: “I forgot to turn up the thermostat this morning.” What do you do?

  1. Forget about it until you get home for the day, leaving the AC to cool an empty house
  2. Use your lunch hour to run home
  3. Use your mobile app to adjust your Nest Learning Thermostat

If you let the AC run, you’re wasting money and causing pointless wear-and-tear to the equipment. If you go home, you’ll squander all or part of your lunch break to accomplish a task that requires a few seconds; although this option fixes the problem, beyond the wasted time, it also involves extra gas money and wear-and-tear on your vehicle, along with the stress of traffic. Although there’s no easy answer in this imaginary dilemma, there is a way to prevent it—a third option: The Nest Learning Thermostat. Maybe you’ve heard of Nest® or seen it advertised; maybe you’re wondering if it’s right for your system. If you like saving money, while reducing energy usage and minimizing system wear-and-tear, Nest thermostats are the right way to go.

What’s So Special About a Nest Thermostat? It’s in the Name

At GVEC Home®, we’ve been selling and installing Nest thermostats for years. Why? The answer is largely in the name: “Learning.” When you connect a Nest Learning Thermostat to your existing HVAC system, you’re adding a finely tuned piece of technology designed to learn from your usage habits.

The Nest Learning Thermostat: Your Definition of Comfort

After going online via your home Wi-Fi, the Nest begins working its magic: Are you in the habit of adjusting your thermostat temperature down at night for sleeping? When you wake in the morning, do you adjust the temperature again before starting the day? Maybe during the daytime, you set the temperature several degrees up to save money on cooling while no one’s home?

As you go about your daily adjustment routine, your Nest Learning Thermostat tracks it. Whether you’re making “through-the-week” adjustments or modifying the schedule to account for being home more on the weekend, Nest thermostats use this input to create a schedule. Soon, the device will begin making temperature adjustments based on the owner’s habits without outside input.

With Nest thermostats, you’ll never again worry about forgetting to adjust the temperature. You’ll also rest assured knowing your home is always set to peak comfort, regardless of season or time of day, and that you maintain 100 percent control: You always have an option to tweak or reset your schedule, or take over completely. For most users, a Nest Learning Thermostat® pays for itself many times over during its lifespan. According to Nest, these devices can help save up to 15-20% in electric costs every month! You’ll also save in reduced AC/heating system wear-and-tear.

Join Rush Hour Rewards

If you’re thinking about adding a Nest Learning Thermostat to your existing AC/heating system, GVEC’s got another reason to buy: Rush Hour Rewards, a demand response program designed to reduce overall energy consumption on GVEC’s grid during peak demand times (“Rush Hours”). These peak demand windows occur between 3 and 6 p.m., June to September, and are a primary factor in how much GVEC’s electricity suppliers charge per kilowatt-hour in any given year. In other words, by keeping usage low during these high-demand times, you can help keep electricity rates low for all GVEC members. Best of all, we’ll pay you for participating in Rush Hour Rewards!

Your Nest Thermostat During a Rush Hour Rewards Event

When you install a Nest Learning Thermostat and sign up for Rush Hour Rewards, each Rush Hour event becomes part of the thermostat’s normal routine. Participants are notified in advance of any impending Rush Hour by the thermostat and via the app. Each event involves a “precooling” phase, the event itself (between 2-3 hours) and an “after” phase, when the thermostat returns to its normal routine.

Get Paid to Participate

You can sign up for Rush Hour Rewards anytime throughout the year and instantly earn a one-time $85 bill credit. You can earn an additional $30 bill credit each year you participate in the program between May 31 and Sept. 30!

As of this writing, there are over two months left to sign up for 2019. You’ll get special pricing on installation when you purchase a Nest Learning Thermostat through GVEC, plus you’ll get the one-time $85 bill credit and another $30 for being signed up by May 31—that’s a $110 off from the jump. For more information on Nest or Rush Hour Rewards, call 855.284.5468 or visit or

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