Gone are the days when you had to find GVEC’s phone number and call to report a power outage. You have outage reporting options now, allowing you to do more than simply alert GVEC to you outage!


The easiest reporting option is TextPower. It’s as simple as sending a one-word text message. Just text the word OUT to 800.223.4832 to report your outage! Your location is identified by the cell number listed on your account. We know where your meter is from your sent text. You can also text the word STATUS to receive restoration estimates.

TextPower isn’t only one-way communication, though. When you’re signed up for TextPower, you’ll receive a text message to notify you of outages in your area, as well as a notification once power has been restored.

Having a cell phone number on file for your GVEC account automatically enrolls you in this service. If you aren’t sure we have this information on file, give us a call to check or add your number!


SmartHub is an app for your smartphone that allows you to pay your GVEC bill, check your usage, manage payment options and alerts, and—you guessed it—report outages!

When reporting an outage through the SmartHub app, you can leave comments or see if we are already aware of the outage at your meter. You can also check the status of an outage and access the Outage Viewer map.

Signing up for SmartHub is as easy as downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play. Make sure you search for GVEC’s version of the app.

Outage Viewer

While Outage Viewer isn’t a tool that allows you to report outages, it does allow you to track real-time outages going on in GVEC’s service area. The Outage Viewer map outlines our service territory and displays outages, coding them with different colored shapes to indicate if an outage is predicted or verified and how many customers are affected by current outages in each area. These stats are also summarized in a key on the right-hand side of the map, easily advising you of the total number of outages and even breaking the information down according to county.

Access the outage map through the SmartHub app or by visiting outages.gvec.org.

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