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You may have seen the pictures and articles in your local newspaper— “Organization Receives Power Up Grant!” You know it’s a grant; you know it has something to do with GVEC—it even has that clever title alluding to electricity. But what is it? Where does all that money come from? How can your organization get some of it?

What is Power Up?

Power Up is a grant program that GVEC started in 2011. GVEC has always supported the communities we serve through sponsorships to different nonprofit organizations for different events and fundraisers. However, there were larger projects with bigger needs, beyond the scope of what GVEC could fund on its own. To fill that need, the Power Up Grant was born. The first grant was awarded in 2012, and to date, more than $2.3 million have funded 147 projects benefiting our members and those in and around our service territory.

Who Funds the Power Up Grant Program?

The funds for this program come directly from our members. Power Up is a collection of contributions from GVEC members who opt-in to have their electric bills rounded up to the nearest dollar each month. The amount contributed each month on a member’s account may be anywhere from a penny to 99 cents. Individually, it’s a small amount, but collectively, it makes a big difference!

Eighty percent of Power Up funds are awarded as grants, and twenty percent is used for community assistance distributed through local Council of Government.

GVEC manages distributing these contributions by facilitating the grant application process and presenting qualifying candidates to the Power Up Grant Review Committee. This committee is comprised of seven volunteers, external to GVEC, from throughout our service territory. They know their communities well and have first-hand knowledge of the needs in those areas.

Does My Organization Qualify for a Power Up Grant?

Nonprofit groups and civic organizations in the GVEC service territory may apply for Power Up Grants. Projects involving education, youth programs, healthcare, community development and outreach, and public safety are the types of programs predominantly awarded. Existing, standard programs or ongoing projects are not eligible.

Grants are awarded twice, yearly, in April and October. The upcoming deadline for cycle two of 2019 is August 15. For program qualifications and an application, visit our Power Up Grant Application page. Or call a GVEC representative at 830.857.1149 for assistance. Grant applications are also available at GVEC’s five area offices.


Upcoming Power Up Workshop!

If you belong to or know of an organization that would benefit from a Power Up grant, or if you’d like to know more about the application process, attend our Power Up Grant Writing workshop in June! This workshop will include tips on how to put together your grant packet for the greatest chance of success. Join us in Gonzales at First Lutheran Church fellowship hall on Wednesday, June 12th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for this informative and beneficial workshop!

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