The Power of Safety Around Electricity

If you’re a regular GVEC Review reader, you know that we write about safety often and work hard to practice safety as a lifestyle everyday. Electricity is everywhere in our lives, and that makes it something consumers frequently take for granted, seldom thinking about how dangerous it can be. That’s where GVEC comes in. The potentially dangerous nature of our product compels us to remain vigilant and always mindful of what can happen if we don’t respect the power of electricity. Over our eighty-plus years of service, these inherent dangers have fostered a deeply ingrained culture of safety at GVEC.

A Culture Built Around Safety

Our linemen suit up for each shift outfitted in a multifaceted array of safety gear—gear designed to protect their health, their livelihoods and their very lives. Without such gear, line work would be impossible to do safely. Our culture of safety extends beyond linemen, though. Anyone employed at GVEC is expected to adhere to a high level of safety awareness and compliance in their everyday work. We hold mandatory, company-wide safety meetings on a monthly basis from October to May, and we hold additional safety meetings for field personnel throughout the year. We’ve also established an internal Safety Committee made up of volunteer employees to help promote and nurture a culture of safety.

Spreading the Culture

GVEC is committed to expanding this culture into the communities we serve and regularly shares our knowledge of safety in The GVEC Review. Whether we are writing about lightning, fire prevention, power surges, calling 811 before you dig, downed power lines or holiday decorating, our recommendations stem from a deep commitment to protecting the communities we serve. Our commitment to serving through safety also inspires us to write about the topic in areas beyond electricity. You’ll often see articles here about online safety, hurricane preparedness, storm and flooding safety, back-to-school safety, spring break safety, and more.

Playing it Safe Around Electricity with Louie

We also believe that learning about the dangers of electricity should begin early in life. That’s why we launched our Louie the Lightning Bug Electrical Safety program. Our big, yellow mascot enters his 35th year of service in 2020 and will be presenting his program on electrical safety to over 3,000 students in 36 local schools. Our culture of safety also gave rise to our Powertown™ safety display, our Van De Graaff presentation, our presentations for civic and community groups, and other initiatives we’ve undertaken over the years.

Safety as A Lifestyle

At GVEC, safety isn’t only a set of recommendations and guidelines—it’s truly a culture and way of life. Most of us who work at GVEC are also members of local communities. We are parents and grandparents; brothers and sisters; friends and neighbors to those we serve. When everyone is focused on safety, and our employees make a commitment to work safely each day, we’re all doing our part to make it home to those we love. We hope that every GVEC member and customer will join us in making a commitment to safety as a lifestyle at work, home and out in the community.

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