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Texas Summertime: No Hotter Place to Be

Ah, sweet summer time! The kids are home from school watching TV, playing video games, and opening and closing the fridge 60 times a day; the pool filter is keeping the water clean for those afternoon swims; grandkids, cousins, and other family and friends come for visits; your air conditioner is running non-stop to shield you from those 100-degree, record-setting temps. Is there any better time of year to live in Texas?

Summer 2019: GVEC Electricity Bills Will Feel the Heat

With all the extra activity, sunshine and fun this season, it’s no wonder GVEC electricity bills feel the heat during this time of year, too. Following these simple, energy saving solutions and tracking your usage on SmartHub can help keep the summertime billing-blues at bay this season!

Set Your Thermostat to 78 Degrees During Summer

You may need to adjust gradually to this temperature if you’re used to keeping it cooler in your home, but the savings will be worth it. If it’s 98 degrees outside, you’re AC unit will use less energy cooling your home those 20 degrees, as opposed to cooling it 30 degrees lower if it were set to 68, for example.

Turn Off Ceiling Fans

Turning off lights when is a no-brainer, but you also need to turn off that ceiling fan when you leave a room! Ceiling fans don’t actually cool a room. They only circulate air, making you feel cooler when you’re in the room. Leaving them on to boost your AC is a costly myth.

Check Your AC Filter Monthly

Although some filters are rated for three months, we recommend checking it every month. And, of course, change it if it’s dirty. Running you’re AC with a dirty filter reduces air flow, which, in turn, reduces system efficiency. A dirty filter can also strain your system, allowing dirt to build up on fan blades and coils.

Unplug Small Appliances, Phones and Chargers

When you’re not using personal devices, toasters, coffeemakers, lamps and televisions, unplug them. All things plugged in bleed some electricity and cutting the pulling the plug can help lessen daily energy consumption.

Download the SmartHub App

SmartHub allows you to monitor your daily, weekly and monthly usage. This app isn’t just for paying your bills!

How Does SmartHub Help Lessen GVEC Electricity Bills During Summer?

The SmartHub app allows you to monitor usage, so you can see if energy efficiency measures are making a difference or if you need to do more. When you view “My Usage” in the app, you can see your actual usage, along with daily temperatures. This allows you to see how your consumption habits, compared to the seasonal conditions outside, affect your bill. It also helps you to be more aware of your usage behaviors and make changes as necessary.

SmartHub: Your Go-To for Outage Reporting and More

SmartHub isn’t only a great tool for monitoring home energy use. This user-friendly tool also allows you to report outages, view our outage map, easily access our monthly newsletter and social media posts, and contact us with questions or concerns!

Download SmartHub Today!

To download the free SmartHub app from iTunes or Google Play, search for “SmartHub,” and install. Type “GVEC” into the search box when prompted to search by location. It’s the cool way to monitor your usage this summer and take greater control of your GVEC electricity bills!

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