Tools to Manage the Meter

As a GVEC member, you may be familiar with SmartHub®, GVEC’s online self-service portal. Maybe you even pay your bill through SmartHub, which is one of the portal’s most practical and convenient features. If you sign up for automatic payment draft, SmartHub can even help make sure you never make a late payment. But what if SmartHub could help you use less electricity—reducing the cost of your average monthly bill?

Here in South Central Texas, summer is a time of intense energy demand. As the temperature goes up, so does usage—it’s only natural. That’s why summer is also a great time to refresh your memory on how SmartHub can help beat the heat when it comes to your electric bill. SmartHub features a suite of energy management tools that can empower you to take greater control of your energy usage during the height of Texas summer.

Usage Explorer

With Usage Explorer, GVEC members can view how much energy they use by the month, day and even by the hour. You can generally see these stats within two days of the usage date. There are even options to see the average temperature, along with the high and low for each day, providing tangible indicators of how weather affects usage on any given day.

Usage Explorer won’t tell you exactly how you used the energy, but it does provide valuable insight you can use to rein in usage. For example, maybe on one July Saturday the high temperature reached 103. What did your daily usage look like that day compared to other days that week? Most people spend more time at home on Saturday and Sunday compared to weekdays, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see that your household usage was higher that day—even if the weekday temperatures were about the same.

Usage Explorer can be particularly helpful if you get into a habit of recording or at least knowing your routine. What day(s) of the week do you do laundry or use other major appliances? How often do you run the pool filter? How often do you cook meals at home each week? What are your thermostat habits like? Such information, used in conjunction with Usage Explorer, allows you to make changes in your consumption habits that can have a real impact on your bill.

Usage Alert

SmartHub gives you the power to set a range of alerts, but in terms of saving energy, the Usage Alert is probably the most helpful of these. All you need do is tell SmartHub the daily number of kilowatt-hours at which you want to be alerted. Any day when you hit this threshold, the system will notify you via email or a text. You can use that information for a greater understanding of what’s driving your usage.

Usage Comparison

With SmartHub’s Usage Comparison tool, you can directly compare any two statements from your household billing history. For instance, maybe your June 2018 electricity bill was significantly less expensive than your bill this June, and you’re hoping to make sense of the difference. Usage Comparison allows you to compare the two bills. Noticing the differences, you might be able to modify your usage routine and trim your bill moving forward.

Average Usage

The Average Usage tool allows you to view your average energy consumption for a selected period. Want to know your average consumption for each Saturday in 2018? You can do it with Average Usage. Or maybe you want to see your usage for each hour of the day over a specific three-week timeframe? With Average Usage, you can.

With a little time and effort, you can reap significant savings on your electric bill through SmartHub. And remember: GVEC is here to help you with saving energy and money, with conservation tips on our blog and social media, and The GVEC Review. Members can also take advantage of a free home energy audit. Just give us a call to arrange a complementary onsite inspection of your home’s energy usage by one of our energy solutions specialists. For more information, call us at 877.910.4799.

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