SunHub Community Solar Delivers Sun Power to the Guadalupe Valley

As you may recall, we first introduced the SunHub Community Solar program in November 2017. The program allows participating members to purchase a portion of their monthly electricity in solar energy, which is produced at GVEC’s first-ever distribution-scale renewable asset, the SunHub Generation Station.

SunHub Solar Savings: Keeping Transmission Costs Stable

Upon launching SunHub, we were excited about its potential to save in Generation and Transmission costs (G&T). The ability to add our own power onto the local distribution grid, as opposed to purchasing it only from other generators via the transmission system, lowers GVEC’s demand during ERCOT’s Four Coincident Peaks (4CP)—highest points of demand of June, July, August and September. These 4CPs are how the Public Utility Commission of Texas determines the percent share of statewide transmission costs that get allocated to GVEC and other utilities. The lower we can keep overall demand at those peak times, the more stable GVEC’s rates for wholesale power will remain year-round, which directly correlates to our members’ rates.

SunHub Solar Choice: Supporting Renewable Energy in the Guadalupe Valley

SunHub has also given us an opportunity to offer members an option they told us they wanted—locally generated renewable energy. Already, over 400 members have signed up for the program, but there’s room for plenty more. If you haven’t yet signed up, I urge you to consider doing so. There’s no registration fee, and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Right now, SunHub rates are the same as our standard electricity rates—$0.064 per kWh—and that SunHub rate is locked in for up to a year. This means even if GVEC’s standard energy rate were to change, SunHub participants would have the benefit of a potentially lower rate for that portion of their bill. It’s also an opportunity to support renewable energy in the Guadalupe Valley.

Breaking New Ground in Texas Solar Energy

The Generation Station itself is an impressive structure and was one of the first cooperative-built community solar facilities in Texas. It’s made up of over 6,500 solar panels, with a total output of 2 megawatts. It generates more than 4 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean energy each year. The Generation Station is partially viewable along Hwy 90A between Seguin and Gonzales, but to get a good look, I suggest viewing our 2018 Annual Meeting video at, which featured the SunHub Generation Station.

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