For those who want to enter the nursing profession, but want to attend classes closer to home, a new door to opportunity has opened in Seguin. Texas Lutheran University (TLU) officially launched its new Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program in the Fall 2014 semester to give students the education, training and hands-on opportunities they’ll need to succeed in this profession.

It’s the first program of its type in Guadalupe County, and thanks to participating GVEC members, POWER UP played a role in helping to build the future of health care in the GVEC service area.

According to Dr. Kathie Aduddell, TLU nursing director, getting a quality program like this one up and running is challenging. So, the $25,000 POWER UP grant awarded to TLU last April was a welcomed gift. The funds would be used to help purchase high-fidelity manikins and equipment for the new clinical skills learning lab where nursing students can practice skills before their first clinical experience.

According to Aduddell, the learning lab gives students a virtual experience. For example, the high-fidelity manikins can talk and simulate different breathing sounds and arrhythmias, so students can learn to handle situations they may experience in a hospital.  The manikins can also be used in simulations such as setting an elderly patient halfway off the bed, so students can learn what to do to make patients safe.

“By doing things over and over, the anxiety and nervousness that nursing students sometimes feel gets less, and then the learning kicks in,” Aduddell explains.

She says TLU will be filling a critical need in the community because there is a shortage of nurses, especially in rural communities. With TLU’s history of attracting students from surrounding communities, the program is an excellent fit.

“We appreciate the POWER UP grant and want GVEC members to know that gifts like the grant and even scholarships make opportunities and experiences better for students.”
– Dr. Kathie Aduddell , TLU Nursing Director

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