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Imagine Sweaty Texas Heat Without AC

AC failures are stressful in any season, but nothing compares to sweating through a Texas summer without air conditioning. Breakdowns in the heat can even be life threatening for some people, so it’s important to keep your system in good working condition year-round.

GVEC Home’s Got 24/7 Emergency HVAC Repair Service, But…

The good news is, if you do suffer an AC failure, GVEC Home® offers emergency HVAC repair service 24/7, 365 days a year. We understand that AC/heating systems are complicated machines, and sometimes, even with proper maintenance, components break. That’s why we’re here no matter the season or time of day (866.684.2359).

We’d Prefer You Didn’t Need Emergency HVAC Repair Service

Although we’re here whenever you need us, we’d like to help you avoid the need for emergency repair. So this month, we’re highlighting some common causes of summertime HVAC failure and inefficiency, along with measures you can take to safeguard against breakdowns.

Dirty AC Filters

AC/heating air filters are one of the easiest HVAC components homeowners can attend to themselves, and yet, dirty, clogged filters are among the most common causes of summertime HVAC failure and inefficiency. On average, filters cost between $12 and $20 for sets of three, and they require a few seconds to change. These essential components are generally rated for between one and three months of use. In a typical Texas summer, most air conditioners run 24/7, so the filter works overtime to prevent debris and dirt from damaging the system. Regardless of your filter’s rating, we recommend checking it once a month.

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels are usually caused by a leak somewhere in the refrigerant lines. Leaks prevent the system from properly cooling the air and will cause the compressor to overheat, which can lead to permanent failure. If you think you’ve got a leak, you need a professional HVAC technician to find it and make the necessary repairs.

Duct Problems/Poor Air Flow

AC/heating system ductwork runs within the walls and ceilings, delivering cooled air throughout your home from the air vents. Ductwork leakage allows cooled air to escape into the attic and wall spaces, and such leaks are another of the common causes of summertime HVAC failure and inefficiency that we so often see at GVEC Home. Wasting cool air this way causes the system to work harder to cool the home, increasing overall wear and tear and energy usage, leading to higher electric bills. Ductwork leaks can be tricky to find. Fortunately for GVEC members, we offer a free whole-home energy audit to help uncover energy wasting trouble spots. Our audit includes inspection of your home’s ductwork and much more, so you’ve got nothing to lose and a lowered electricity bill to gain. Call us today at 800.223.4832 to arrange a free home energy audit.

Defective or Improperly Calibrated Thermostat

If your system thermostat malfunctions or is improperly calibrated, your AC may kick on and off too frequently, which can shorten the system’s lifespan, waste energy and increase electric bills. A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause the AC to not run frequently enough or for too long, leaving your home miserably hot or uncomfortably cold. If you’ve got an outdated thermostat—i.e., an old dial thermostat—it’s probably time to upgrade. At GVEC Home®, we offer the Nest Learning Thermostat® and the Nest Thermostat E®, either of which can save on both system wear and tear and energy bills. Both can also be programmed and adjusted remotely from your smartphone. Even better, both thermostats are eligible for Rush Hour Rewards, GVEC’s latest peak-time rewards program. This program pays you in the form of bill credits for helping GVEC keep usage low during peak times. You’ll also get discounts on both the thermostat and installation when you purchase through GVEC Home and sign up for Rush Hour Rewards. For more information, call GVEC Home at 866.684.2359.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Your AC’s evaporator coils, which also use refrigerant, cool surrounding air as it enters the system. If the coils get too cold, ice can build up, diminishing their ability to cool the air. This problem can cause your AC to discharge warm air from the vent or no air at all. Icy coils can result from a refrigerant leak, system blockages or dirty air filters. The first line of defense for preventing this problem is to change the air filter often. If you spot ice on your AC, immediately changing the filter can’t hurt, but we recommend calling the HVAC professionals at GVEC Home to diagnose and fix the problem before it causes a major system breakdown.

Lack of Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Of all the most common causes of summertime HVAC failure and inefficiency we see here at GVEC Home, this one ranks extremely high on our list—along with dirty filters—as perhaps the most common of the common. Regular system maintenance will help prevent most, if not all the issues mentioned here. That’s why GVEC Home created our twice-yearly Comfort Check maintenance plan. After you sign up for Comfort Check, we’ll perform two seasonal tune-ups on your HVAC system each year—once in spring and once in fall, helping to keep your system in optimal condition year-round. For members not interested in making a long term commitment, we also offer our Check-N-Save maintenance check. Check-N-Save is a one-time tune-up for your AC/heating system.

For More Information, Call GVEC Home Today

As we mentioned, we understand that, even if you take all the advice offered here to prevent some of the most common causes of summertime HVAC failure and inefficiency, sometimes components break—no matter how hard you strive to keep everything in tiptop condition. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency HVAC Repair service should you ever need it.

For more information on GVEC’s free energy audit for members, Comfort Check, Check-N-Save, 24/7 emergency HVAC repair service, or any other GVEC Home product or service, call 866.684.2359.

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