There’s no getting around it: energy bills are usually higher in the winter. And, it only takes a few cold days to make a significant impact on your bill, especially if they fall within the same billing cycle. However, studies show that the more consumers know about their home’s energy use, the easier it is to conserve and save.

Get Started. Monitor Usage with the Usage Explorer Tool: Log into SmartHub and click Usage Explorer under the My Usage tab. Click on a month to view the daily usage. Then, select the Cost button (under View Graph by in the upper left corner) and the High and Low boxes under View Temperature. To see the cost*, hover your mouse over each daily bar. Please note that the cost shown is only for kilowatt/hour usage and doesn’t include other fees and taxes.

Have you tried this?

1. Show the Usage Explorer graph to your family so they can see the impact of their energy use on your budget. Ask them for ideas on how to use less energy.

2. Set a timer as a reminder to take shorter showers. Water heating is the second largest energy consumer in homes (20 percent of the average bill). Also, remind everyone to turn off the hot water while shaving, brushing teeth or cleaning dishes at the sink.

3. Keep plenty of blankets in reach to make it easier for your family to snuggle while watching TV or reading.

4. This may sound obvious, but dress for the weather so you can set the thermostat lower. Slippers, socks and sweat pants beat bare feet and shorts for staying warm.

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