Have you ever compared electric bills with your neighbors and wondered why yours is higher?

TV, video gaming system, microwave oven, electric stove, refrigerator, AC/Heating system…you have them and so do they.

So, why would one family’s bill be different from another’s? There are many reasons, but one that is often overlooked is the difference in lifestyle habits. For example:


When it’s coat and sweater weather outside, what are you wearing inside?

I go barefoot, wear Hawaiian shirts and shorts, and crank up the heater.


I wear warm clothes like sweats, socks and slippers and keep the heater at recommended temperatures.



What does your family do when dinner is done?

We all go to separate rooms to watch TV, play video games or work on a computer.


We turn off unnecessary lights and electronics before playing a board game in the same room together to save energy.



What do you do if you feel chilled before going to bed?

I want to be comfortable so I turn the heat up to stay warm.


I lower the heat knowing a few extra blankets are just as warm and cozy.


When lifestyle habits and preferences are compared side by side, it’s easier to see why neighbors’ bills can differ. Of course, this is in addition to other factors such as the number of people living in a home and the home’s individual energy efficiency. The point is, there’s always room to make adjustments if you want to lower your bill, and you don’t have to do it alone. GVEC is there for you with a variety of services—just call us at 800.223.4832 for help.

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