We know DIY projects are all the rage these days. Painting, upcycling, flipping and all sorts of other home improvement projects have become hobbies many people enjoy. Still, even with all the DIY television networks, YouTube channels and “how-to” Google searching, there are some jobs even the most skilled DIY-ers should leave to the pros—especially electrical work!


We’ll start with the most obvious reason electrical work should be left to the professionals. Electricity can be dangerous! It’s easy to take something we use daily for granted and not realize how hazardous it can be. Electrical shock can cause major injury or even death. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), there are at least 30,000 non-fatal injuries and approximately 1,000 deaths caused by electrocution in the United States each year.

These statistics demonstrate just how seriously electrical work should be treated. Even minor electrical jobs can result in major catastrophe if you aren’t specially trained to work on wiring or electrical systems. Electricians are licensed professionals, educated to safely and properly work with electricity.

Knowledge and Preparedness

Unless you are a licensed electrician, there’s a good chance you won’t have the tools needed for the job. Specific tools and safety equipment are needed when performing electrical work. Using tools that aren’t right for the job or attempting tasks without the proper equipment can result in mistakes and increase your chance of injury.

Electricians are also familiar with permits and building codes needed to do certain electrical jobs. They’ll obtain any necessary permits and ensure that the work they perform is up to code.

Peace of Mind

Do you really want to be left wondering if you installed a new outlet correctly every time you plug your toaster into it? Is a “so far, so good” mentality really adequate while assuming you wired the new breaker box in the garage properly?

Doing jobs like these incorrectly can obviously pose dangerous risks in your home, but have you considered the risks to the investment in your home improvement project, also? While you may think DIY electrical work will save money, it can actually end up costing you.

Damage resulting from a “job-done-wrong” can end up costing you far more in repairs than hiring a professional in the first place. You may find yourself having to buy parts or fixtures to replace those ruined by your own bad wiring job, too. The confidence of a job done safely, by a professional who stands behind their work is worth the cost!

Trained and Trusted

Professional electricians are skilled through many hours of education, on-the-job training and certification before becoming licensed. Their specialization means they are well-equipped to do electrical work we shouldn’t attempt ourselves. Even so, choosing a person to come into your home and do a job safely and up to your standards can be a daunting task.

GVEC makes this a little easier for you by having our own licensed electricians on staff. We’ve been safely delivering electricity to our members in the Guadalupe Valley for over 80 years. Our electricians provide the same excellent customer service and professionalism GVEC is known for, to members and non-members alike. We serve multiple locations throughout south central Texas.

For more information about GVEC electrician services, visit gvecelectricianservice.com, or call 888.590.7773.


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