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2015 GVEC Annual Report: Future Bound

GVEC is future bound. Your Cooperative has grown into a place where our employees embrace new technologies, our services fulfill the needs of each generation, and newfound solutions create flexibility for what lies ahead...Read More

Can't Attend the Annual Meeting on June 24? Vote by Proxy!

If you cant attend the GVEC Annual Meeting on June 24, 2016, you can still make your voice heard by voting by proxy. Find a printable proxy to fill out here.

Want to Control Summer Bills? GVEC Can Help

It's a fact: the hotter it is outside, the harder your air conditioning system needs to work to keep up with the summer heat. When it comes to your energy bill, weather really matters...Read More

Slow Your Roll with These Efficiency Tips AND VIDEOS!

Our lives are hectic, and we forget sometimes that the simplest of actions can actually make the biggest difference in saving energy and money. Try these simple tips that the entire family can get involved with...Read More

Weather Matters! : How Weather Affects Electric Bills

Have you ever looked at your bill and thought, "How could this be?" You're pretty sure nothing's changed in your home--not even the thermostat setting. So, why is your electric usage up?....Read More



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