Annual Meeting

District and Annual Meetings are an important aspect of the cooperative business model. These meetings are the members’ chance to hear current reports from the leadership of GVEC, ask questions regarding the current business of GVEC and other topics of interest. District meetings are the time for members residing in that specific district to nominate a Director-Candidate to represent their district on the Board of Directors. Director-Candidates running for positions are officially elected at the Annual Meeting by the full membership. See below for more details.
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GVEC Annual Meeting
When is the GVEC Annual Meeting Held?

The GVEC Annual Meeting is held every year on the fourth Friday of June. See more details below.

What Happens at the GVEC Annual Meeting?

The Annual Meeting includes a quorum verification (including members registered at the meeting as well as voting by proxy), notice of the meeting and proof-of-mailing confirmation, reading of the minutes of the previous Annual Meeting, election of the Board of Directors up for term renewals for the year, GVEC business reports of the Officers and Directors, presentation of Public Service Awards and time for members to be heard.

There is also music to enjoy, the chance to win door prizes (for attendees only), heavy refreshments served, and a Cooperative Services booth to learn more about our Internet, AC/heating, Solar & Battery Storage, and Electrician Services.

More About Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Voting: Elections are held for the three (or four) director-districts up for election. (Since the directors’ terms are staggered, three directors are elected every third year and four directors are elected the other years.) Director-Candidates were previously chosen by any combination of the associated current year’s District Meeting, Proxy Committee Recommendation, or by petition.

All members have the right to vote for District Directors by ballot at the meeting or by mail-in or electronic proxy prior to the meeting. Watch for the direct mailing of the proxy and the Annual Meeting notice listing time, date and location in The GVEC Review within Texas Co-op Power magazine: and your local newspaper each year in June.

Members have three options to vote for District Directors at the Annual Meeting. See below for more details.

In addition to the director-election, the Annual Meeting includes a presentation on the state of the electric industry as well as GVEC business. All members attending the meeting in person enjoy complimentary refreshments, entertainment, and the chance to win door prizes.

Annual Report and Meeting Video

View the GVEC Annual Report detailing Cooperative business for the previous year. It is distributed to all GVEC members in the June issue of Texas Co-op Power magazine, to attendees of the meeting and posted online along with our Annual Meeting video for all to view. Watch our 2024 Annual Meeting Video, below.

How Annual Meeting Voting Works:
Members have three options to vote for District Directors at the Annual Meeting. Read below for more details.

1) In Person – Attend the Annual Meeting on Friday, 6/28/24 at the Gonzales High School Special Events Center, 1801 N. Sarah DeWitt Drive. Registration: 5:30 p.m., Business Meeting: 6:30 p.m.
2) By Mail – *To be received at the member’s mailing address by 6/1/24.
Return your signed, printed Official Proxy found on the June issue of Texas Co-op Power magazine (mailed to your billing address for all existing members prior to 5/1/24) in the postage-paid envelope provided between the cover and the magazine for your convenience.
3) Electronically -*Open from 5/31/24, 8 a.m. – 6/21/24, 5 p.m.
A) Visit; log in with your member number (listed first) and passcode (listed second) under the barcode on the front cover of the Texas Co-op Power magazine June issue.
B) Use the SmartHub app or portal at; log in with your standard username and password and click the “VOTE NOW” button. New electric members added after 6/1/24 must vote via SmartHub.

It means that you can authorize the GVEC Proxy Committee to cast your vote for you at the meeting if you are not able to attend or you are classified as a non-natural membership.
IMPORTANT: Memberships in the name of non-natural persons such as churches, civic groups, businesses, etc. MUST vote by proxy.

Return your completed, signed and dated Official Proxy to be received, in either print or electronic form, by Survey and Ballot Systems, independent third-party elections administrator, no later than 5:00 p.m. Friday, June 21, 2024.

When you register at the meeting, you’ll be able to register for door prizes, but the proxy that you submitted previously will stand as your vote. This is a change that was made to the GVEC Bylaws, made effective as of February 20, 2018. The current GVEC Bylaws are available on our website at, then choose “Cooperative Bylaws”.

No. Each proxy is used only for the meeting specified on the Official Proxy.

To give members who can’t attend the meeting an opportunity to participate. To give all members in all GVEC districts an equal chance to vote and be heard.

To have a say in the election of directors for your cooperative.

Call us at 800.223.4832 or visit any GVEC office.

You are casting your ballot to elect Board Directors for a three-year term, one each for Districts 3, 6, 9, and 11 in 2024. View the biographies for the candidates in the June issue of your Texas Co-op Power magazine or online at, which can also be accessed through the SmartHub app or desktop portal at, then clicking the “Vote Now” button.

Survey and Ballot Systems is an independent third-party elections administrator that specializes in managing elections for many cooperatives located throughout the nation. They have been hired by GVEC to conduct the election and certify the official results.

New members are absolutely encouraged to vote! Please create a SmartHub account at, log in and hit the “Vote Now” button any time between 5/31/24, 8 a.m. -6/21/24, 5 p.m. You will be linked to the voting site.

GVEC Presents 2024 Public Service Awards

GVEC’s 2024 Individual PSA

GVEC’s 2024 Individual PSA went to Dina Dillon of Seguin. From left: GVEC General Manager and CEO Darren Schauer, Dillon, GVEC Board President Gary E. Birdwell, Secretary/Treasurer Morris Harvey, and Vice President Henry “Bubba” Schimdt Jr.

GVEC presented Dina Dillon with the 2024 Individual Public Service Award. Dillon, a Navy veteran and Seguin resident, has dedicated herself to service through various roles, notably with the Young Marines program.

GVEC’s 2024 Organizational PSA went to the Edwards Association of Gonzales

GVEC’s 2024 Organizational PSA went to the Edwards Association of Gonzales which was formed during the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s. Presenting the award, in no particular order, are GVEC Board Secretary/Treasurer Morris Harvey, Board President Gary E. Birdwell, Vice President Henry “Bubba” Schmidt Jr., and GVEC General Manager and CEO Darren Schauer while Edwards Association President David Tucy showcases the plaque of recognition.

GVEC presented the Edwards Association with the 2024 Organization Public Service Award. Accepting on behalf of the Association was Edwards Association President David Tucy. One of the Association’s most significant accomplishments to date is the listing of Edwards High School on the National Register of Historic Places.

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