Power Reliability & Rate Options

The Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) is a progressive and responsive partner equipped for businesses, small and large. We serve one of the largest clusters of commercial and industrial customers in the region and we have the values, work ethic and experience to exceed our members’ needs. That’s just one of the unique aspects of doing business with GVEC.

9,037 miles
Overhead Distribution Line
1,372 miles
Underground Distribution Line
277 miles
Transmission Line
Total Meters

Trustworthy Power Supply & Service

GVEC procures the wholesale power necessary to meet the constantly increasing energy demands of our consumers through Generation and Transmission resources. Today, our power is purchased through multiple reputable and reliable suppliers. Some of the largest energy producers in the United States provide for GVEC customers through a generation mix primarily consisting of natural gas and hydro.

Trustworthy Power Supply & Service

GVEC is one of the only cooperatives in the nation to be financially rated by two of the world’s largest financial rating institutions including Standard and Poors (S&P) and Fitch Ratings (Fitch). Holding long-term ratings of “A-” with S&P and “A+” with Fitch, these positive ratings are a result of the responsible financial management and strategic planning that are an important aspect of GVEC’s corporate values.

This results in savings opportunities for all GVEC members as we are able to procure power at negotiated pricing from multiple suppliers, which translates into more stable and economical rates long-term.

High Reliability Standards

Reliability is serious business. That is why we measure our performance by a set of strict benchmarks. Our current reliability rating is 99.9995%. That means that our members can depend on our service.

Reliability Rating

This high standard is met through consistent monitoring and maintenance of our electric system. Annual maintenance includes inspecting and changing out thousands of poles, upgrading wire and equipment, establishing new lines, and investing in transmission lines when necessary.

High Reliability Standards

With distribution as our primary service, GVEC operations are robust enough to also build and maintain our own transmission lines; a quality of which only a handful of cooperatives can claim.

Cost-Effective Rates

GVEC is committed to providing our commercial and industrial members with competitive and cost-effective electricity rates. We offer multiple classifications and rate schedules to fit specific business types.

Before establishing your service, we will meet with you and select a rate class based on your overall monthly kilowatt demand as well as discuss any further details regarding your needs. Our current rates include:

Customer Class Service Availability Charge Delivery Charge (per kWh) Demand Charge
(per KW)
Generation & Transmission Charge (per kWh)
G-3 Three Phase Under 250 kW $62.00 $0.00600  

First 10 kW: $2.00
Next 90 kW: $5.50
Over 100 kW: $4.00

G-4 Large Power 250 kW-1,000 kW $100.00 $0.00300  

First 250: $4.15
Over 250 kW: $2.00

Direct Pass-Through
G-5 Large Power Over 1,000 kW $500.00 $0.00250  

First 1,000 kW: $2.25
Next 2,000 kW: $2.75
Next 2,000 kW: $2.50
Over 5,000 kW: $2.25

Direct Pass-Through

*Rates are provided for general information purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

Contact Commercial Accounts staff at commercialaccounts@gvec.org or 800.223.4832 to confirm information.

Components of GVEC billing include:

  • Generation & Transmission Charge – The Generation and Transmission Charge reflects the dollars GVEC pays to our wholesale power suppliers for the power that is then sold, at cost – dollar for dollar, to our members through this charge.
  • Distribution Charge – The Distribution Charge reflects the dollars GVEC retains in order to distribute electricity to your location. This is used for the operation and maintenance of the electric system. It is broken down into three separate charges on your bill:
  • Service Availability Charge – The Service Availability charge covers the costs associated with having power available to your meter(s), whether or not electricity is used.
  • Delivery Charge – The Delivery Charge covers the costs associated with delivering power and is based on actual kWh consumption (electricity that is used monthly).
  • Demand Charge – G3, G4, and G5 accounts incur a monthly Demand Charge based on the maximum kilowatts metered during any 15 minute interval within a billing cycle.
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For further details, contact the Commercial Accounts staff at commercialaccounts@gvec.org or 800.223.4832.