Peak-Time Payback Program

Get paid to help minimize strain on the electric grid and keep electric rates down!

Peak-Time Payback is a demand response program that allows members to earn money for decreasing energy consumption during peak demand periods (or Peak-Times) with their eligible Nest®, Amazon, Honeywell, or ecobee thermostat. Once enrolled, your thermostat will notify you of any upcoming Peak-Time events and then automatically adjust the temperature to reduce the overall demand on the electric grid when it’s expected to be at its highest.

Peak-Time Payback Program FAQ’s:

What is a demand response program and why is it valuable?

Demand response programs help lower the overall demand for electricity during peak times (days/hours the highest levels of energy use occur).

The more GVEC can lower its demand during seasonal peaks, the more GVEC will save on transmission costs—plus reduce strain on the power grid. This translates to more stable Generation & Transmission rates for our members, which are the wholesale power costs passed through with no markup on their monthly bill.

What thermostats qualify for participation in the Peak-Time Payback program?

The following thermostat models are eligible:

  • ecobee3
  • ecobee3 lite
  • ecobee4
  • ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control
  • ecobee SmartThermostat Premium
  • ecobee SmartThermostat Enhanced
  • Nest Thermostat E®
  • Nest Learning Thermostat® (generations 1, 2, 3)
  • Honeywell Home T9 and T10 Pro Smart Thermostat
  • Honeywell Home T5+ and T6 Thermostat
  • Amazon Smart Thermostat

*The models listed are compatible with GVEC’s Peak-Time Payback program, however not all thermostats may be compatible with every HVAC system. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s website or instructions for compatibility before purchasing a new thermostat, or ask our service experts. GVEC sells and installs Nest and ecobee thermostats! If your thermostat model is not listed, please check back periodically. New models may be added at any time.

What kind of rewards can I expect through this program?

GVEC will give members a one-time $85 bill credit for signing up and another $30 for each year they’re enrolled through September 30 of that year.

Members can receive Peak-Time Payback credits, both the one-time and the yearly, for all qualifying thermostats, including multiple enrolled thermostats at a single location with a limit of 2 credits per account number.

How do Peak-Time events work?


  • • GVEC will predict a large rise in demand for electricity caused by extreme weather, then schedule a Peak-Time event.
  • • Depending on the type of thermostat,  enrolled members will receive a message on the thermostat and from their thermostat app detailing what time the upcoming event will start and end.
  • • GVEC will issue instructions to your thermostat, lowering the temperature to precool your home in the hours leading up to the event. Please note that not all thermostats support precooling. 



  • • The temperature will be raised during the peak demand period, helping to lessen the amount of strain on the statewide electricity grid.
  • • The thermostat will not be adjusted more than two degrees Fahrenheit.
  • • Most thermostats will provide some indication that a Peak-Time event is occurring, either in the thermostat app or on the thermostat itself. Examples may include “Savings Event”, “Energy Rush Hour’ or “Eco+”.
  • Note: The member maintains the ability to manually adjust their thermostat at any time during the event.



  • • When the Peak-Time event is over, the thermostat will return to its regular schedule.

How often do Peak-Time events happen?

Peak-Times typically happen on very hot summer days when most people’s air conditioning units are trying to keep their homes and businesses cool. Members can expect to see no more than 20 events from June-September, but this number will depend on overall weather patterns for the season. Members shouldn’t expect more than one Peak-Time event per day.

Am I eligible to enroll in Peak-Time Payback?

To enroll in the Peak-Time Payback program you must:

  • Have central air conditioning that is controlled by an eligible programmable thermostat
  • Have Wi-Fi
  • Register your device for the program
  • Be a GVEC member
  • Have a valid GVEC account that’s in good standing
How do I enroll in Peak-Time Payback?

To enroll a Nest Thermostat:
Visit nest.com/gvec


Go to Settings > Rebates and Rewards in your Nest App and follow the steps to enroll

To enroll an ecobee Thermostat:

Activate eco+ inside your ecobee app and follow the steps to enroll. Select the GVEC Peak-Time Payback program in the app.

For more information visit:
ecobee – https://www.ecobee.com/en-us/eco-plus/

To enroll a Honeywell Thermostat:
Honeywell Home – https://wattwatch.gvec.org/DemandResponsePublic?brand=HoneyWell%20Home

To enroll an Amazon Thermostat:
Amazon – https://wattwatch.gvec.org/DemandResponsePublic?brand=AmazonHW

Call a Customer Service Representative at 800.223.4832 if you have any questions.

By enrolling in the Peak-Time Payback Program, you are agreeing to GVEC’s Terms and Conditions.

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