Energy Efficiency Rebate

Helping members become more energy efficient is important to us which is why we offer a rebate to help offset some of the cost of investing in a high-efficiency AC/heating system.

GVEC Energy Efficiency Rebate

Heating and cooling costs account for up to 50% of your energy bills, so taking steps to make your home’s system(s) more efficient can have a significant impact on your electric usage and save you money in the long run. If you have questions about our rebate, read below, call an Energy Solutions Specialist at 800.223.4832 or email

Heat Pump AC/Heating System Rebate

GVEC offers a rebate for qualifying Heat Pump AC/heating systems with 18 SEER or greater Efficiency ratings. See details of rebate requirements below.

  • Improvements shall require a licensed contractor in order to participant in rebate program.
  • GVEC does not assume liability for work completed by any contractor.
  • Must be a GVEC member.
  • Items receiving a rebate shall be served by GVEC.
  • Please allow up to 6 weeks after receipt of all documents to receive rebate credit.
  • All rebates will be payable to GVEC members only.
  • GVEC reserves the right to verify all projects in order to meet minimum program guidelines and requirements.
  • Additional supporting documents may be required, see additional program requirements for details.
  • Government funded improvements do not qualify for GVEC Rebates.
  • GVEC reserves the right to make changes to the program without notice.
  • Mini split or ductless AC/heating systems to not qualify.

  • Improvement shall require a licensed contractor.
  • Unit shall be an all electric heat pump system with an 18 SEER or greater efficiency rating
  • Auxiliary heating shall be controlled through an outdoor temperature sensor and set at the system’s balance point, preventing unnecessary operation of auxiliary heating.
  • Outdoor thermostat setting set above 35° will require a balance point diagram.
  • Air distribution system (supply, return, plenum, and cabinet closet) shall be sealed or repaired according to manufacturer’s recommended installation practices and current code requirements.
  • System shall be a NEW matching system certified by AHRI. Both condensing unit and air handler/ evaporator coil shall be replaced.
  • Applicable to new or existing homes.
  • Manual J 8th Edition load calculation to be completed showing the sensible load and total BTU gain at Design conditions of: 75° Indoor, 63° Wet Bulb, 97° Outdoor. Equipment sensible not to exceed 15% of the calculated sensible load.
  • Manufacturer’s installation practices and procedures should be followed.
  • State and local codes should be followed.

  • Manual J 8th Edition Load Calculation showing sensible and total BTU gain at Design conditions of: 75° Indoor, 63° Wet Bulb, 97° Outdoor
  • Balance Point Diagram (if Required)
  • Signed Invoice showing work completed. No estimates accepted.
  • AHRI Certificate

  • $650 per unit

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