ATTN GVEC Members: Rate Adjustment to Take Effect May 1, 2021, visit our NEWS page for more information.

GVEC’s commitment to empowering lives often means that if the communities we serve need a product or service we’re able to offer, we’re compelled to consider whether meeting that need aligns with our cooperative mission and capabilities. The growth and evolution we’ve experienced throughout 83 years of service has happened because we’ve always listened, carefully considered options and moved forward with confidence in our decisions. Consequently, we remain your friendly, local cooperative, but we are also much more than an electricity provider. This is why, in the months ahead, you’ll see and hear us using a phrase that reflects our philosophy today: “Delivering More.”

These words provide an effective description of where we’ve been and what we aspire to. They also help answer the question I posed in last month’s message:

‘Who is GVEC?’

We are a people-driven cooperative provider of beyond the meter services: With electric service at our core, we offer AC/heating sales and services because as a nonprofit electric provider, we believe in energy conservation and in helping people save on electric bills. Our cooperative roots and member interest have also moved us to branch out into solar and battery storage solutions, giving more power and flexibility to how those in the Guadalupe Valley obtain and use their electricity. As a neighbor you already trust to safely work with the electricity outside your home or business, our electrician services were another natural progression of our offerings. And we stand behind all of our products and services with second-to-none warranties and workmanship, all at affordable price points.

We are a local internet service provider committed to delivering reliable high-speed internet: We’ve spent nearly two decades deploying our Fiber and high-speed Wireless Internet services across South Central Texas and will continue this buildout in the years ahead. In many of the rural areas we serve, if GVEC didn’t deliver dependable high-speed internet, no one would. This mirrors the circumstances that led to our founding over eight decades ago, when big electricity providers refused to build infrastructure here because doing so wasn’t profitable. Also echoing back to our electric heritage is the fact that high-speed communications help create a stronger, smarter electrical infrastructure that enables greater monitoring, fewer overall outages, and outages of reduced scope and duration.

We are a progressive cooperative focused on Delivering More to those we serve: No matter how much GVEC grows in the years ahead, our reputation as a dependable, local cooperative remains fundamental to all we do and all we achieve in partnership with those we serve. The cooperative way of business values people over profit, community development over shareholder enrichment and integrity over pie-in-the-sky promises. We exist to improve the quality of life in all the communities we’re part of and to improve ourselves. That’s what we mean by “Delivering More.”

I am always interested in you comments and feedback. Contact me by phone at 830.857.1152, by email at or by mail at P.O. Box 118, Gonzales, Texas 78629.

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