Restarting the vast, international supply chain from pandemic lockdowns has proved immensely complicated. For some two years, attempts to resynchronize and disentangle the knots from global supply lines have achieved mixed results. This has led to supply shortages, empty retail shelves, shipping delays and rising prices. These effects have accelerated during 2022, contributing to inflationary pressures not seen in over 40 years. Virtually every company across every economic sector is affected—including GVEC and its customers and membership.

One of GVEC’s most critical steps in countering present supply chain disruptions came nearly two years before “COVID-19” existed. In 2018, we joined Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC), appointing them to run GVEC’s warehouses and do all our purchasing. With its extensive, pooled buying power and sourcing access, TEC has been a game changer from day one—but especially so during the current supply and demand crunch.

Current Supply and Demand Realities

The situation facing GVEC remains extremely fluid, changing week to week. As one component may come available, another may then be delayed. Arrival times for materials previously estimated in days or weeks are now experiencing monthslong delays—sometimes longer. These difficulties impact project start and completion dates, as well as construction, installation and servicing schedules.

Residential and Commercial Electric Service

GVEC’s new residential electric construction projects have been most impacted. As of this writing, transformers are generating the most pronounced delays. Commercial and industrial (C&I) construction has been affected, too, but not as severely. All customers should be mindful of present supply chain disruptions and challenges when planning a project. Please coordinate with GVEC for any associated easements, fees and electrical requirements during the early stages of engineering and planning to better assist with material procurement.

Residential and Commercial HVAC Services

We’ve expanded our list of suppliers and manufacturers to mitigate delays to parts needed for AC/heating repairs and new system installs. Additionally, our sales team is working tirelessly with vendors to achieve practical, satisfactory customer outcomes.

GVEC Internet

To date, materials shortages have caused no delays in installation of service for GVEC Internet subscribers. Our dedicated team of techs, billing administrators, managers and customer service representatives has adapted to shortages with great flexibility. They work closely with vendors to find alternate, but comparable on-premises equipment needed to install, initiate and maintain GVEC Internet service.

On the construction side, commodities shortages have caused some delays to our Fiber buildout map. Our partnership with TEC, however, has greatly helped, and to date, our overall buildout plans haven’t changed.

Cooperative Principles for Challenging Times

Thanks to strong partnerships, adaptability and support from those we serve, GVEC has continued delivering more during challenging times. And we’ll never stop working to deliver exceptional, competitively priced products and services in as timely a manner as possible.

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