We understand why someone would want to hide electrical equipment with foliage or make a yard seem larger by using an adjacent utility easement for a playground or storage building. But unfortunately, this can pose a safety hazard for you, result in personal injury or damaged electrical equipment, and keep us from doing our job.

What is Right of Way Easement?

It’s an area or strip of land GVEC uses to construct, upgrade, repair and maintain electrical & fiber lines and equipment. So, if you receive electricity and or fiber from GVEC, you have an easement on your property.

For safety’s sake and the best possible electric service— it’s important easements be kept clear so GVEC crews can access overhead and underground lines. Trees, structures and other encroachments in easements can:

  •  •Create safety hazards.
  •  •Cause power outages.
  •  •Result in damage to electric equipment.
  •  •Make repairs more difficult and extend outage time.
  •  •Block access, causing service delays.

Call DIG TESS: 811 for quick dial or 800.545-6005  for direct service!

Fiber + Leftover Copper = Less Dependable Internet

It’s not unreasonable for internet subscribers to expect a fiber network to be constructed of 100% fiber-optics. Yet, some internet service providers (ISP) deliver internet over hybrid systems that retain some measure of copper infrastructure leftover from old networks. Why use a copper/fiber configuration? Cost. Profit. Less build time. Hybrid networks use fiber-optic cable for most of the construction, but shift to preexisting copper wire over the final yards
into the home. This can reduce reliability and speed. And of course, the copper in these networks is much more vulnerable to corrosion, degradation over time and interference from other systems.

What is GVEC Fiber to the Home? The Name Says it All

What is GVEC Fiber to the Home? Fiber subscribers get internet over a network built from 100% fiber-optics. From our central hubs to your home, there’s not a jot of copper anywhere. When we say GVEC Fiber to the Home, we mean exactly that—our network is built from the ground up using the fastest, most reliable internet technology in the world.

Deliver Fiber to the Home to Your House

Ready to find out if GVEC Fiber is available to the home that matters most to you and your family? Just call 866.675.9296. A GVEC customer service representative can tell you if Fiber’s offered to your area and/or get you signed up. You can also scan the QR code to check our Internet Availability Map.

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