You may already know that the federal Residential Clean Energy Credit (also formerly referred to as ITC) can earn you a 30% deduction of total costs for installing solar and battery storage at your home. But did you also know other energy-efficient home improvements may qualify for deductions, too?

That’s right! In addition to solar solutions, you could qualify for an Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit that includes other items such as exterior doors, windows, skylights, insulations or air-sealing materials, and qualifying models of heat pumps and central air conditioning systems.

Cool and Save with GVEC

This means if you’ve been putting off replacing your HVAC unit, now might be the perfect time! In addition to GVEC’s offer of $1,500 off select systems, your new unit may also qualify for the 30% Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit—that’s 30% off total costs, including equipment and labor, up to $2,000 on qualifying heat pumps! Not only that, but GVEC also offers rebates on select heat pumps and EV charging stations!

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