In years past, the AC/heating thermostat has been a device most homeowners didn’t think much about. It needed to work, of course, dependably and accurately, but otherwise tended to be incidental in daily life. Over the last decade or so, a growing smart-device revolution has reset the thermostat equation a bit. Case in point? The Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control.

Unpretentious, Ready at Your Command

In some ways, Ecobee carries on the old-timey tradition of thermostats that blend into the background without fuss or nuisance—it raises the temperature when you adjust it; it lowers the temperature, too.

Ecobee isn’t exactly the quiet type, though. Suppose you’re busy with something and start feeling hot but don’t want to stop what you’re doing to manually adjust the temperature. With Amazon Alexa built in, Ecobee’s got you covered. Imagine the convenience of just telling your Ecobee to adjust the temperature. Times like these are when Ecobee “finds its voice” and makes the adjustment for you.

Or maybe you’d like to stream music from Spotify® or via an external Bluetooth® device? Ecobee can set a mood with whatever tunes you like—or it can deliver news and weather, all with simple voice commands. Ecobee’s also designed to let you connect with others through hands-free calling from your cellular device and an intercom system.

The Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control Delivers Smart, Adaptive Comfort

For many homeowners, Ecobee’s most important feature will be the money it saves on AC/heating bills. According to the company, those savings can be as high as 26% annually compared to the costs of using a traditional, unconnected thermostat.

Ecobee achieves these savings, in large part, thanks to a feature the company calls “eco+.” Eco+ enables the thermostat to monitor and record your day-to-day usage and use the resulting data to create an automated heating and cooling schedule. Ecobee can even tweak this schedule based on your home’s indoor humidity level at any given time, along with real-time energy demand in your community. All the user needs do is select from 5 levels of savings mode. The Energy Star® certified Ecobee does the rest, creating the schedule and optimizing all related settings.

Room-to-Room Comfort that Goes With You

Ecobee’s SmartSensor feature allows this thermostat to ensure rooms you use the most stay as comfortable as possible. SmartSensor doesn’t use a camera but can detect room temperature and occupancy level. It will make sure an occupied room reaches the temperature on the primary thermostat by keeping the system running. The Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control comes with a single SmartSensor in the box but can support multiple units for additional rooms.

Palm-of-Your-Hand Control From Anywhere

Ecobee also includes a full-featured app that allows you to control your AC/heating system from anywhere in the world on any internet-connected smart device. Ecobee send alerts through this app, too, so you’ll know if there’s a sudden change in outside temperature that requires a significant adjustment to your AC/heating settings when you’re away from home.

Designed to Play Nice

Although Ecobee comes with Amazon Alexa functionality built in, it’s also compatible with the following platforms:

  • Apple HomeKit for Siri
  • Google Assistant
  • Microsoft Cortana
  • Samsung SmartThings

Ecobee also pairs well with HVAC adds-ons like humidifiers, dehumidifiers and in-duct home purification systems like those offered through GVEC.

In Synchronicity with Peak-Time Payback

Finally, Ecobee works seamlessly with GVEC’s latest demand response program, Peak-Time Payback. “Peak times” are periods during summer days, June 1 to September 30, 3 to 7 p.m. During this window, electricity usage along GVEC’s grid rises to “peak” levels. Lowering the amount of overall energy consumption during these times helps GVEC keep rates stable for all members.

That’s where Peak-Time Payback comes in. Members with an Ecobee or Nest® Learning Thermostat® installed can participate. Upon signing up, members get a one-time $85 GVEC electric bill credit (most receive it on the first bill after enrollment). Members can sign up for Peak-Time Payback any time of year to receive the $85 credit. Those who sign up on or before May 31, however, will also receive an additional $30 bill credit, and another $30 credit each year they participate between June 1 and September 30.

GVEC and Ecobee: An Energy-Saving Combination

This overview doesn’t encompass everything Ecobee does, so call us at 866.684.2359 or submit a contact form if you’re interested in knowing more. A GVEC customer service representative can review Ecobee’s other features and verify system compatibility. If you’re ready to buy, we also offer professional installation and can help get your Ecobee set up, optimized and ready to start making life easier and a little less expensive.

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