Electric vehicles (EV) are gaining in popularity. According to experts, this trend will accelerate in coming years. There are many reasons why, including the ability to ‘fuel’ EVs at home.

The EV Market is Primed for Widescale Adoption

Industry experts predict that by 2024, most new EVs will cost less to purchase than comparable internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. However, EVs won’t just cost less to buy off the lot; they will also be less costly to own and maintain. These factors, experts say, will help result in electric vehicle sales making up more than 50% of all vehicles sold by 2040.

EVs Offer Important Additional Benefits

The price advantage EVs will gain in the years ahead and their reduced need for maintenance isn’t the end of the story. Electric vehicles have other important advantages over their ICE-powered counterparts:

EVs Are Less Noisy

Internal combustion engines make lots of noise and are very complex. This complexity means they require numerous auxiliary components to supplement and support their operation. This produces additional noise and maintenance needs.

By contrast, the electric motors that power EVs are much quieter and require fewer auxiliary components. Electric vehicles are so quiet, in fact, the U.S. government has passed a so-called “quiet car” rule. This rule requires electric vehicles to emit artificial noise at speeds of up to 18.6 mph so pedestrians and cyclists can hear them.

Electric Vehicles are More Responsive

EV’s react more quickly than ICE vehicles when the accelerator is pressed. Generally speaking, the vehicle pushes forward with greater immediacy and force—greater torque. Many first-time EV drivers are surprised by how much more satisfying the experience of driving these vehicles can be.

EVs can be ‘Fueled’ at Home

Wouldn’t it be nice if you rarely needed to stop at a gas station during a typical day of driving? Who wouldn’t enjoy being able to leave home each morning with enough “fuel” to get through an entire day of normal driving without stopping? Even if you noticed your fuel gauge was low at an inconvenient time, imagine driving straight home anyway and “gassing up” there. This kind of fueling flexibility will never be possible with internal combustion engines. However, many electric vehicle owners already enjoy the ability to charge their vehicles at home.

Turn Your Home into a Fueling Station with GVEC’s EV Home Charger Installation Rebate

Do you own an EV? GVEC is pleased to offer EV home charger installation rebate to help transform your house into a “fueling” station. Residential and commercial EV owners are both eligible for this limited-time offer:

  • Residential: $600 or 50% off—whichever is less
  • Commercial: $3,000 or 50% off—whichever is less.

Am I Required to Buy a Home EV Charger from GVEC?

No. Although we sell home electric vehicle chargers through GVEC Electrician services, you don’t have to buy from us to use our install services or to claim our EV home charger installation rebate.

Need More Info? Ready to Install? Visit our Rebate Page or Call!

You can view the complete terms of GVEC’s EV home charger installation rebate and schedule an appointment by visiting gvec.org/electric/ev-rebate. You can also get more information or schedule your GVEC home charger install by calling 800.328.0630.

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