During the holiday season, many people have extra expenses added into their budgets. As the weather gets colder, one of those extra expenses might include warming your home. After all, heating and cooling account for half of most households’ electricity costs. This year, gift yourself with electric efficiency by following these conservation tips!

Use Your Windows Wisely

Something as simple as knowing when to open or close your window blinds and curtains can make a real difference in occupied rooms. When it’s sunny out, leave blinds and curtains open on south-facing windows to utilize the sun’s warmth to help heat your home and avoid turning up the thermostat. Likewise, when sunlight isn’t shining through these windows, close blinds and curtains to help insulate and keep some of the cold out.

Feel It and Seal It

If you can feel cool air or drafts coming in through windows, exterior doors, attic accesses, chimneys, etc., seal the cracks or openings. This task may be as simple as closing the fireplace damper when it’s not in use or placing draft catchers at the bottom of thresholds. However, if you can see light from outside coming in around parts of doors, you may need to install or replace weather stripping around the door frame. The same goes for windows that might not seal completely when closed.

Enroll In GVEC’s HVAC Spec Check

Seasonal maintenance for your HVAC system can not only help to extend the lifespan of your unit; it can help keep it running as efficiently as possible. This can help you save on energy costs during the winter and the rest of the year, too!

Our HVAC Spec Check program offers two annual visits—one in spring and one in fall. The service includes washing and clearing debris from the outdoor unit; blowing out the condensate drain line; lubricating moving parts; checking coils, refrigeration, voltage and amperage draw, thermostat function, component wear and tear, air distribution; testing and calibrating system control and more.

Spec Check Delivers Efficiency You’ll Sing About!

To learn more about our HVAC Speck Check program or to enroll anytime, call us at 866.684.2359 or scan the QR code to visit gvecACservice.com.


Silent night, cozy night,

All is calm, inside temp feels just right.

‘Round your home is all comfy and warm.

Outside temperatures, a bit colder than norm.

Your HVAC system is prepared,

Thanks to GVEC—a company who cares.

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