And the winner of the GVEC Public Service Award (PSA) for 2023 is…It may seem a little early to talk about next year’s PSA, and in previous years, we’d have agreed. For 2023, though, we’re making a crucial change to how we decide who to nominate for a PSA—and we need your input!

At the Cooperative’s 47th Annual Meeting in 1986, John A. Traeger, State Senator for the 21st Senatorial District of Texas, accepted the inaugural GVEC Public Service Award. Every year since (with the exception of 2020), GVEC has presented this award at our Annual Meeting to deserving people, businesses and organizations throughout the communities we serve. The award acknowledges substantial, consistent and unselfish community service.

Honoring Those Who Share Our Cooperative Values

Over its nearly four decades of existence, the GVEC Public Service Award has reflected not only GVEC’s priorities, but also the priorities of those we serve: empowering lives and building stronger communities and a brighter future for all who live and work in this region. In addition to healthcare facilities and local government leaders, we’ve also awarded PSAs to individuals and organizations involved in youth empowerment, community development, agriculture, education, veterans activities, children’s charities, first responders, and much more.

Community Input for a Community-Focused Award

We look back at previous PSAs feeling privileged to call the Guadalupe Valley home. We also take pride in having supported individuals and organizations with a deep commitment to improving the lives of those around them—just as GVEC does. Over the years, we’ve also experienced the deep pride Cooperative members take in seeing their neighbors be recognized through GVEC’s PSA. Do you know of a deserving individual or organization in the GVEC service area making a positive impact on the community? If that’s a yes, we want to hear from you!

Nominations for the GVEC Public Service Award Now Open!

The nomination form and eligibility requirements are available at You can also pick up a form at any of GVEC’s five customer service offices during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Completed forms can be submitted online on our GVEC Public Service Award Nominating page or in person at any customer service office between Monday, October 3 to Friday, December 16, at 5 p.m. If you have questions, please call GVEC at 800.223.4832.

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