If you’re a GVEC member or customer and don’t subscribe to our Facebook (@GVECsocial), Instagram (@GVEC_Insta), Twitter (GVEC_Tweets) or LinkedIn (GVEC) pages, we encourage you to stop by, have a look and hit the “follow” button. Not convinced? Here’s a sample of what you’re missing if you’re not subscribed to GVEC social media!

Go Beyond Electricity on GVEC Social Media

Since GVEC launched in 1938, electricity has remained our core service, but we’ve also grown and changed with the times. Social media is ideal for telling people about everything we offer. GVEC social media pages regularly feature Cooperative services that extend “beyond the meter,” including valuable offers and maintenance tips:

  • AC/heating services, sales, maintenance and repair
  • Renewable energy services, including solar and battery storage systems
  • High-speed internet, including wireless and fiber-based service
  • Electrician services, including electric vehicle charging station sales and installation
  • Smart thermostat sales and installation

Introducing Our Latest Blogs

We regularly use our social pages to launch new blogs here at gvec.org, including both original content and online versions of articles from our monthly newsletter, The GVEC Review. We launch blogs from GVEC’s other affiliated sites, too, including gvec.net, gvecacservice.com, gvecsolarservice.com and gvecelectricianservice.com.

Check Out GVEC Social Media for News Alerts, Announcements and More

Certain events across GVEC’s service territory demand getting word out quickly and widely. Social media helps accomplish this. That’s why GVEC social media pages regularly feature severe weather alerts, info about attempted scams across local communities and other urgent, need-to-know information. You’ll also find info related to local high school sports, upcoming events across South Central Texas, and info about local businesses, nonprofits, personalities, and history.

Fun, Family-Friendly Pics and Video

We regularly post Facebook Live videos from community events like parades, job fairs, business conferences, Power Up™ check presentations and more. We also do feature videos like our Road Trip Diaries and Native Knowledge series. And we love dropping pictures featuring fun times in the office like “Wear a Hawaiian Shirt to Work” day, the GVEC Employee Halloween costume contest, our Relay for Life-based “Give the Boss a Pie in the Face” event, and much more.

Energy Efficiency for the Digital Age

Helping GVEC members and customers save money by using electricity more efficiently has long been part of our cooperative identity. It’s no surprise, then, that we make a point to regularly offer energy efficiency tips on our social media pages.

Keeping Members in the Know About Outages on GVEC Social Media

Social media is a natural fit for informing members of power outages, repair-time estimates and restoration notices. That’s why, during times when the power’s temporarily out, GVEC social media pages can help prevent you from feeling figuratively “in the dark.”

Seeking Qualified Candidates for Our Cooperative Team

Interested in joining us as we strive to improve the lives of those we serve? Visit Cooperative social media!

Your Cooperative, Your Community

GVEC’s community relations representatives continually hit the road across the Guadalupe Valley to socialize and “rub elbows” with those we serve. They love posting photos and video snippets of who they’re meeting, where they’re going and what they’re up to. Their efforts make Cooperative social media a great way to stay up to date on ways we’re supporting local communities through more than just products and services.

Safety As a Way of Life

At GVEC, we strive to integrate a safety-focused mindset into every aspect not only of work, but also of day-to-day life and play. That’s why you’ll find safety tips and reminders distributed widely across Cooperative social media.

GVEC – You’ve Got a Friend in Us on GVEC Social Media

At GVEC, we think social media is about more than relaying information. It’s about generating and maintaining conversations with those we serve; it’s about relationship building. We hope you’ll visit and reply to our posts, clicking “Like” when we do a good job, and letting us know how we can improve.

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