Part of enjoying the benefits of solar power includes the responsibility of maintaining your system for maximum longevity. Luckily, GVEC is here for you and your solar maintenance needs.

Solar Maintenance Neglect

There are a variety of reasons homeowners may be neglectful when it comes to solar maintenance. For some, climbing up on a roof to clean solar panels seems dangerous. Even if your plan for periodic cleaning involves little more than spraying your panels with water, there’s still the matter of making it safely up and down from your roof with hose in tow. Maneuvering the hose to reach the panels while staying balanced when standing on a roof can present a whole other difficulty. Additionally, most homeowners may not know exactly what to look for when checking for signs of panel issues.

While solar panels are built to last and withstand the elements for many years, ignoring solar maintenance can contribute to a decrease in a system’s efficiency in energy production. So for people aiming for maximal benefits from their solar investment, solar maintenance is essential.

GVEC Can Help Take Care of Your Solar Investment

GVEC offers solar maintenance to meet our customers’ needs in maintaining their solar panel system. Customers can ask for a one-time cleaning which includes washing each panel and visual inspection for major damage. Or customers may choose to relieve even more solar maintenance stress by enrolling in the Solar Spec Check program.

Solar Spec Check from GVEC

Solar Spec Check is a two year maintenance plan featuring one visit per year with alternating services.

Year 1: We’ll deliver a comprehensive system cleaning. This helps to:

  • Maintain system efficiency
  • Boost panel durability
  • Keep your panels looking their best

Year 2: We’ll do a cleaning and a fully documented, complete system inspection, including:

  • Inspection of all components
  • Scanning of all panels with infrared equipment to ensure functioning within normal temperature parameters
  • Verification panel electrical production is within an acceptable range
  • General visual system inspection
  • If any problems with your system are found, we’ll work with you to get them fixed, ensuring repairs are done under warranty when possible.

Depend on GVEC to Deliver Worry-Free Solar Maintenance

Don’t let the thought of solar maintenance overwhelm you and lead to overlooking the importance of maintaining your system properly. Contact us to help protect your solar investment and keep your solar panels in great operational shape with GVEC Solar Spec Check!

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