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Home Comfort in The Lone Star’s Forgotten Season

In our part of Texas, record-breaking summers can be so hot, we forget the chilly inconveniences of winter. Snow and ice aren’t unheard of in our region, but admittedly, we don’t get many of those winter-weather events. Still, it can get downright cold here—especially during January and February. AC/heating breakdowns during one of those bone-chilling Texas-winter days can serve as an urgent reminder of the importance of having reliable HVAC experts to get you back up and running.

Industry Experience You Can Rely On for Home Comfort Any Time of Year

Take comfort in knowing the professionals at GVEC are here to help with any AC/heating breakdowns you experience. We offer over 50 years in the heating and cooling industry along with a complete range of services, including repairs. Our team of licensed AC/heating technicians understand the importance of home comfort. With many of the most common parts that can be subject to wear or need replacement stocked on our trucks, we’re usually able to get your system up and running during our initial visit.

Home Comfort Even Through AC/Heating Breakdowns

In addition to repairing any AC/heating breakdowns you experience, we do all we can to ensure you’re comfortable while our technicians work at your home as well. You can count on us to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment and begin working right away evaluating your system. Our technicians will clearly communicate the issues they find and offer solutions you’ll be satisfied with.

This Winter and all Year Long

In addition to repair services, we offer seasonal maintenance, indoor air quality control, and system replacement and installation. Keep our number handy—866.684.2359—and remember: We are committed to exceeding the AC/heating needs of our friends and neighbors.

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