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Virtually everyone who drives a car with an internal combustions engine (ICE) has experienced the hassle of needing to refill the tank at an inconvenient time. Maybe that aggravating pit stop happened on the way home in heavy traffic after a long, stressful day at work. You might’ve made it home on what remained in the tank, but would you have reached work in the morning?

What if you could leave the house each morning always assured of enough “fuel” to take you through an entire day of normal driving without stopping? And even if you did notice you were running low on fuel at an inconvenient time, what if you could drive straight home anyway and “gas up” after getting home? Yes, what if you could fuel your car from the hassle-free comfort of home?

At-Home Fueling: Just a Charge Away from Reality

Fans of ICE-powered vehicles will be disappointed (though maybe not surprised), but this hypothetical scenario will never happen with internal combustion technology. It’s a simple reality of the way ICE vehicles work.

The outlook for home-based electric vehicle (EV) “fueling” stations, though, is brighter. Imagine rarely, if ever, needing to stop at a “fueling station” during a normal day of driving. Home EV charging has this potential, largely freeing drivers from one of life’s smaller nuisances. If you own an EV or are considering a purchase, this dream of “fueling” your vehicle at home could become a reality more easily, quickly and affordably than you may realize.

Powerful Convenience in a Small Package

GVEC Master Electrician Chris Koepsel installs at-home charging systems for Cooperative members and customers. These systems, he explains, are surprisingly compact—more so than many people may realize. “All you really need to install an at-home charger,” he explains, “is a free space about two feet wide and three feet tall on the garage wall.”

Koepsel further recommends a clear path to the charger, allowing the user to easily roll the cord up and store it after use. “These [at-home chargers] can even be installed outside if there’s no garage. All you really need for an outside install is an eve above the charger itself.”

Small ‘Charge,’ Big Driving Freedom

Many readers may be surprised to learn how affordable these products can be. EV drivers can find high-quality at-home chargers for under $600. Koepsel explains that 99% of the installs he performs are for Tesla-branded models. Although these tend to be a bit more expensive, the latest Tesla at-home charger model—the Gen 3—can be found for under $800. GVEC is a certified Tesla charger installer, but Koepsel also recommends certain models from JuiceBox® and ChargePoint®.

“What’s nice about these models,” he says, “is that they’re all smart devices. They communicate with the EV, allowing the driver to track usage, length of charge time and other factors from their smart phone.”

Install Time and Cost Are Less than You Might Expect

GVEC both sells and installs at-home chargers through GVEC Electrician services. “Many customers already have the charger on-hand for us to install when we arrive to do the work,” Koepsel explains. “On average, it takes us about an hour and a half to complete the installation.”

The price of each GVEC at-home install can vary depending on the materials and labor required, but Koepsel estimates the average price to be around $500. “So, with the cost of install and the price of the product itself,” he adds, “customers might pay a total of anywhere between $1,200 to $2,500.”

Get a GVEC Rebate on Home Charger Installation

We’re currently offering a rebate on at-home charger installation, making now a great time to convert your home into a fueling station! For a limited time, get $600 or 50% off—whichever is less—on home charger installation, including parts. For commercial users, the amount is $3,000 or 50% off, whichever is less. Details about this rebate can be found on our rebate page at

If you’re interested in knowing more or if you’ve got a home EV charger ready to install, call us at 800.328.0630.

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