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May is National Electrical Safety Month, and it’s the perfect time to look around your home to make sure you’re taking all appropriate precautions to keep your family safe from electrical hazards. You may be familiar with some of the things to look for—frayed appliance or extension cords, damaged electrical outlets, overloaded power strips, etc.

But what if those precautions aren’t enough?

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), home electrical hazards cause an estimated 51,000 residential fires per year. One of the ESFI’s top electrical and fire safety tips is to have your home electrical system thoroughly inspected by a licensed electrician.

A Great Time to Schedule a Whole-Home Electrical Inspection

National Electrical Safety Month is a great time to schedule an electrical inspection for your home. GVEC Home® offers Whole-Home Electrical Inspections performed by our knowledgeable, licensed electricians.

While inspections from some other electricians may only include areas visible to the inspector, a Whole-Home Electrical Inspection from GVEC Home offers a more comprehensive check. Our electricians also check voltage and run diagnostics of your electrical system, alerting you to any unseen hazards that may not be as obvious during a less thorough inspection.

We’ll also test your breakers and switches, check for damaged wiring in the attic, vacuum out debris found in electrical panels and more. To schedule your Whole-Home Electrical Inspection or find out more information, give us a call at 866.684.2359, or visit

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