GVEC has grown over the years. We still deliver reliable electricity and high-speed internet, but we’ve grown beyond the meter when it comes to the other products and services we offer like AC/heating, solar solutions and battery storage, and professional electrician services.

This means our employee family continues to grow, too. Building a workforce that is able to adapt to the growth and development of our Cooperative is important. Likewise, we acknowledge that attracting and retaining qualified employees is a great asset not only to GVEC, but to our customers as well. This is why we value every member of our GVEC team and recognize the way each and every employee contributes to it.

So, how do you go about becoming part of the GVEC employee family?

GVEC Website

According to GVEC Talent Acquisition Specialist Megan Zella, most applications for open positions at GVEC still come from our Careers page at gvec.org. Here, you’ll find information about the Cooperative like Vision and Mission Statements along with our Corporate Values. You’ll also be able to view the diverse career areas GVEC employs and some of the incentives and benefits we offer.

Clicking on the Browse Job Opportunities at the bottom of the page takes you to our Career Center page, where you’ll find current job openings. There, you may click on an open position to view the specific job description. If the opening is one you’re interested in applying for, simply clicking the “Apply” button takes you to the application page to fill out.

Zella notes that filling out and submitting an application works best from a laptop or desktop computer, rather than from a phone or tablet.

Glassdoor and Indeed

Glassdoor and Indeed are job searching websites that allow you to post resumes and look for jobs in specific fields, areas or companies. Additionally, these sites provide company ratings and reviews from former and current employees, so you’re able to check out the pros and cons of working for a specific employer from an inside perspective. Creating a login is required to utilize Glassdoor.

GVEC provides a company overview and posts openings with job descriptions on these websites as well. Clicking on the “Apply Now” links on either website will redirect you to the GVEC Career Center page where you can apply as described earlier in this article.


LinkedIn is more of a career-based social media platform. It allows users to network according to their professional fields and within the companies they work for. Businesses will often post goings-on or company updates and achievements on their pages, too. It’s a great way to get to know a company and gain a sense of their employee culture.

Occasionally, GVEC will post job openings on LinkedIn that will include a link to the Career Center page to apply.


If you’ve been thinking about joining the GVEC family, we hope this information is helpful. You can also contact our HR department with questions about jobs or application status by emailing jobs@gvec.org or calling 830.857.1142.




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